Man accused of killing Prison Sargeant given bail


Minister of National Security the Hon. O A (Tommy) Turnquest gives condolences to wife Rashetta Strachan and the family of Prison Officer Sgt. Julian Strachan Sr. during his Home-going Service Thursday, July 22 at Southwest Cathedral Church of God. Last rights for Prison Officer Sgt. Julian Strachan Sr. during service at Southwest Cathedral Church of God Thursday, July 22.


Bahamas Press is reporting the collapse of the Criminal Justice System of the Bahamas.

BP learned on July 9th of this year prison Sgt. Julian Strachan was brutally attacked and murdered at a local bar opposite the Royal Bank of Canada on Carmichael Road.

Police arrested a former prison convict, Travis Davis, for the murder of the prison officer. However, we’ve learned the former prison inmate and murder accused was granted bail only weeks following the incident.  WE ARE IN CRISIS!

Give us your views on this latest update. What do you think about this? Should law enforcement officers be hunted down and massacred before a cloud of witnesses while the killers walk freely about the society?

Sargeant was the country’s 49th homicide victim for the year.



  1. Tired Tommy! Every time I hear “Tommy T” on the radio or see him on TV he looks so sorry and sounds like he wants to cry. Everyone knows that he is failing miserably. He never answers any questions boldly and it sounds like he is being tortured wishing for the questions to stop and for him to find his way sorry way home. He is making no impact. No results. Just floating aimlessly through.

  2. I have asked the question but gotten no answer so I shall make it rhetorical,”is Cheryl Bethel who no longer works in Criminal prosecution to blame?who is to blame?We need a scapegoat you wheelchair pundits.

  3. We have said it before and we will say it again, The Bahamas need a modern day WOODS RODGERS who will EXPEL THE PIRATES AND RESTORE COMMERCE.


  4. This country is a joke. The day I’m able to leave such a loose, slack, law-less, immoral place will be the happiest day of my life. Yeah lots of countries all over the world have problems but this place is really unique. And I mean in a negative way. We could be so much better but bahamians from the top to the bottom are so rotten and just don’t care. For such a tiny country so much crime, hatred, immoral acts, from bribing, cheating etc. The man is 6 feet under while his possible killer just roams about breathing and living. Instead of giving bail maybe we should give a suspect house arrest?

  5. People are too quick to jumpt to conclusions with out the fact and evidence. Mr. Davis is as much a victim in all of this. Although my deepest sympaties for the family some times innocent people get caught up…… The real person responsible for this murder need to be found and brought to justice.

  6. The question as to whether or bail should have been granted in this matter is & will always be a serious one; and I can say no, “that bail should not have been granted”
    But, it’s obvious that as a nation our problem is much greater than the granting of bail.

    We’ve got an educated nation that doesn’t right from left. Case & point: We’ve got highly educated legislators on both sides of the political divide who via their law firms are profiting from defending persons charged with violating the laws.

    The very first step in revamping our judicial system so that blind justice can truly be served; is the removal of all facet of politic.
    What we’re reaping today is just the harvest of the corrupt political / religious seeds that were sown many years ago; which nobody wants to truly talk about, because of the embarrassment it will bring upon many.
    Let’s remove politics from our judicial process and allow the laws to take its course. Then and only then, will the criminal mind-sets understand & respect the laws of our land.

    In closing: Please, don’t blame Minister Tommy Turnquest any longer; this poor man has had his fill. For had he truly known or had any idea of weight of being Minister of National Security, he would have boldly declined. But for the lack of knowledge & the desire for power, he and others during the election campaign consistently / verbally abused the former National Security Minister (Mother Pratt).
    All I would say to Minister Turnquest is this “Don’t allow pride to prevent you from apologizing to Mother Pratt as you had no idea of the awesome responsibility she had. Forget about what others might say, be a real man & tell Mother Pratt that you’re sorry”
    Then, demand Mr. Ingraham to call the General Election quickly or he would also have to take the Ministry of National Security.

    Save yourself Tommy; don’t let National Security be the demised of your Political Career.

    • You are absolutely correct and now I need someone to say Cheryl Bethel is to blame.One month?and a former convict?Those who were quick to attack Bethel must now explain to the nation what qualifies this person to quick bail.

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