Is Carl using Rodney to attack Desmond Bannister?


Here is a photo which makes you go hmmmmm. The current and former chairmen of the FNM met in camera with Worker’s Party Leader, Rodney Moncur, at the FNM ‘Grill and Chill’ today.

Moncur was not armed with papers to question Carl Bethel on school registration fees. You would remember Carl was the fired as minister of education and is holding a gripe for being kicked out of the Cabinet.

Both Johnley and Bethel are crushed and is now meeting with the best PR man in the country, Rodney Moncur.


  1. He is not attacking Bannister, he is standing up on a point, that has nothing to do with Minister Bannister, if someone else were the Minister Of Education, he would have to face the same thing, he is challenging public school’s for charging a registration fee, it is not legislated, and he is speaking up, the court system is there to be used, stop misleading the people, Moncur is standing up, they do this in the USA almost everyday, you challenge the system and their rules, keep it up Mr. Moncur, show or not, FIGHT THE POWER, does anyone care about the poor of this country?.

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