Man and his best friend die on Nassau Streets



If this photo showed a human being, like some countries show what would we say? Would anyone be shocked?

Well just like this dog we saw lying on Carmichael roadway this morning, a young man believed to have been in his late 30s early 40s was knocked onto a pavement early Saturday morning and left to die by the speeding vehicle. The driver fled the scene and never stop to his victim’s aid. The young man later died on the scene according to police.

No where can be safe these days, not even on the pedestrian crossing in the country. The young man died on the spot and like we say, the driver never stop. This is what The Bahamas has come to. Human being and man’s best friend all lay on the side of the street, all because we see not the need to slow down. A young school boy just last week was knocked down by a jitney bus driver, with him having serious injuries due to the accident.

Animals, (MAN NOR ANIMAL) have not a chance trying to walk across the street today in the capital city. Whether blind, sick, cripple, old or young no one has a chance to life anymore. The Bahamas has lost its campus, what is wrong with us?