Man charged for breaking the curfew and operating as a non-essential service brought to court by police, bound and shackled! WHAT IS THIS?

Sean Bain-Pindling of Bains Tech Stove and Oven Maintenance

NASSAU| A man who is on bail for a sexual assault case last year with a 13-year-old minor has once again found himself on the wrong side of the law after police found him operating his stove repair business against the Emergency Orders.

Sean Bain-Pindling of Bains Tech Stove and Oven Maintenance, unlike Crown Witness Johnathan Ash, was bound and shackled as he was brought into the court by police. It was revealed that police, on May 1st, found Bain-Pindling operating his business in violation of the Orders set down by the Competent Authority. 

Bain-Pindling told the court he didn’t know that his business needed any special permission to operate as he has plenty of bills to meet and desperately needed the money.

All kinds of residents needed their stoves and ovens repaired, particularly before the long lockdowns as many homes relied on home-cooked meals.

Bain-Pindling pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to pay $4,000 to the court for operating beyond the curfew and conducting business when his type of work was not an essential service. Failing to pay, Bain-Pindling could spend one solid year in jail. Boy I TELL YA!

Because he did not have any funds, the court agreed for him to pay the fine in monthly installments.

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