Man Convicted of Joy Cartwright's Murder is Gunned Down Gangster Style!


newbold-dead<<<Ashley Newbold murdered this morning.

Nassau, Bahamas: Notorious killer, Ashley Newbold, was gunned down gangster style on Toothe Shop Corner around midnight. His photo (seen here) recently appeared in a local tabloid, as police wanted him after a shoot out with them last week. Newbold, a career criminal, was known for the murder of nightclub manager and graduate of St. Anne’s High School, Joy Cartwright in the 1990s. Obi Pindling, son of former Prime Minister, Sir Lynden Pindling, was also a “person of interest” in that case.

Particulars have it, according to our ‘deep-throat’ on the RBPF, that at around midnight last night, Newbold was coming from a function in the East Street area when he took a short cut near Toothe Shop Corner and was ambushed by persons unknown at this time. He received three gun shot wounds to the upper body and one to the thigh. The upper body shots were entered on his left side, which indicates that there was no face-to-face confrontation between Newbold and his assailant.

Upon arrival at the Prince Margaret Hospital, Newbold still coherent, was able to give his mother’s name, Izetta Newbold and her phone number as a person to contact and he was also able to give the general scenario of the crime committed against him. He succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

Newbold, referred to as a career criminal, started his life of crime when he burned down the Boy’s Industrial School in the early 1980s. Since then he has committed at least eight murders known to the police. He is the brother of College Track Coach Sidney Cartwright, who has on countless occasions bailed him out of trouble.

It is alleged that Newbold was hiding out in Exuma for a period with his sister, Bianca Campbell, who works in the travel agency field. He was arrested sometime last year on gun possession and allegations of threat against someone’s person. Miraculously, with his history of crime and jumping bail, Newbold was released on bail.

Newbold has terrorized the streets of Nassau from the time of his youth and many witnesses in the Joy Cartwright case are actually breathing a sigh of relief as the case was to be re-tried and they were afraid of what would happen to them at Newbold’s hand.

This career criminal had a history of being arrested, convicted, and sentenced, and then some legal fluke or possible help from the A.G.’s office would have him back on the streets again. Newbold was given so many chances to change his life of crime but he refused and now he has died as he lived….by the gun.


  1. Hi victim,

    I wish I could speak to you OFFLINE about this. I am in agreement with you. The “other” person needs to be charged with that crime as well. Its seems as though his NAME has caused him to get off SCOTT FREE. Can you please contact and leave a message for me there.

    I wouldnt put much sorrow in there for Newbold’s family as from what I saw in the obituary column, he had a regular funeral at a top notch Angilcan church. They put him down like he was a king not thinking of Joy Cartwright and her family. and the countless other people that he killed.

  2. I’m sure Ms. Cartwright’s family will not be satisfied until ALL persons involved are brought to justice. When will the justice system in The Bahamas work for the VICTIMS and not the criminals. I feel sorry for his family, but I will never feel sorry for a person of his character. May his soul never rest in peace. December will make 13 years since her brutal murder, can this case be solved based on the facts and not the high profile names that surround it. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. I wonder if you all noticed that the bodies of all those who died violently recently have been released by police. They were all in the Obituary columns today. So please expect ghetto styled funerals this weekend inclusive of t-shirts baring faces of the deceaseds and of course the “old fashioned” ghetto styled ho-downs inclusive of “gansta styled 21 gun salutes” at midnight.
    What a time we living in.

  4. I am sure they did not show compassion, Grapevine. Of course they will be yelling and screaming at his grave side about how good he was etc.

    Obie Pindling is still running around scott free.

  5. You are right Drama we should give respect, where respect is due. May Ms Cartwright rest in peace and her family come to some sort of peaceful closure.
    In regards to the Newbolds,oftentimes these families seperate their loved ones wrongs and become somewhat desensitized to their life of crimes. I would savely say here, they probably did not show much compassion or concern to the victims or their families.

  6. Words of wisdom Grapevine….words of wisdom. However, I wont take off my hat and bow my head in respect for this one. I hope the family of this man felt compassion for the family of his victims.

    Now Joyanne Cartwright can finally rest in peace and her family can finally put closure to her death.

  7. It seems to me ‘justice’ has been served. As twisted as it may be, respect goes out to the family here, as they have lost a loved one. So a man lives, so shall he die.

  8. Fred, I am sure Obi had several bowel movements this morning and all were attributed to his great relief.

    This man obviously had someone on the inside. He has been commmitting crimes for as long as I know.

  9. R.I.P ?
    he will fry where he should.
    If the police knew of 8 murders atibuted to him, why was he out?
    Shouldn’t he have swung long ago?
    Certainly before the judges were bought off not to hang anymore
    Weak judiciary, weak law enforcement, weak politics,
    Obie breathing relief now hey?

  10. My God!! I cannot believe this has happened!! I feel sorry for his mom as its her child who is dead, however this guy has had a long stretch.

    I hope he had time to pray and ask God forgiveness. May his soul eternally rest in peace.

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