Man feared dead following shark attack in rough high seas around Acklins…Two others are now ok and safe!


One of three men who were missing at sea near Acklins has yet to come home…

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Acklins – Bahamas Press is now getting a breaking report that only one man is feared dead after a boat he was on with two others ran out of gas, and got caught in the severe weather conditions in the area of Acklins.

Just minutes ago BP’s contracts on the area confirmed one of the men turned up in Crooked Island late last evening. He was dehydrated and collapsed. He was taken to the local clinic and had been stabilized. The last male is still missing at sea and is still not reported to be safe.

Now this story all began when three men were heading to Acklins via Samana Cay. During this trip the vessel ran out of gas a few miles out from land. Attempts to called for assistance all failed.

As the rough seas and high winds set-in sources confirmed that by Monday morning one of the men on the boat had made it to shore. He told families and friends of the ordeal. That survivor told rough seas forced their boat up on the reef where it was completely destroyed!

He further told they began to swim for land, but as they began swimming sharks in the area attacked them. He reported that he saw one of the two other two men being attacked in a very violent manner by a group of sharks. The men were then separated following this incident.

Residents on the island of Acklins and Crooked Island are said to be walking along the beaches in search of that third missing man.

The missing man is from the settlement of Lovely Bay, Acklins.

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