Man fished out of the harbour near the Pointe is Mario Johnson…


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NASSAU| Police retrieved the body of Mario Johnson just under a marina near the Pointe in the Nassau Harbour on yesterday.

Johnson was said to be an avid swimmer and handyman who worked odd jobs in the country. According to associates he was not a problem guy? So how did he end up dead in the water? Police has yet to report this discovery! Well what is this? WAS THIS MURDER?

Police are issuing tickets to vendors along Carmichael Road. But why are they are not on Cowpen Road?

Police issuing tickets to vendors on Carmichael Road.

Police are up and down on Carmichael Road issuing tickets to Bahamian street vendors. Ya think they went to any of the illegal foreign vendors in the area yet? POLICE NEED MONEY! Look how CORRUPT Minnis dem treating the struggling. Yinner ain’t ga have no elections! TALK DAT!