Man gets locked away for three years in multiple robberies during the lockdown on family island…

Kejanno Morley, a 21-year-old from George Town Exuma

NASSAU| A man on Exuma saw an end to his terror on the island last week as Deputy Magistrate Andrew Forbes sentence him to three years in the Bahamas Department of Corrections for his multiple robberies.

Kejanno Morley, a 21-year-old from George Town Exuma was found by staff in the villas at the Exuma Beach Resort living the life of Riley on April 21st. He had left a trail of crimes in the community, which started back in January 2020.

Pleading guilty to all his counts Morley accepted guilt for the multiple robberies on the island including break-ins at the Ministry of Education, BTC, my good St. Andrew Anglican School, Wonderation Restaurant and Bar, The Ministry of Tourism, Krusty Krabs Bar, and Charlie’s Karaoke Bar on the island. There he stole everything his sticky fingers can touch from electronics to liquor, food, and money.

Interestingly you didn’t hear one word of all these incidents from the police even though the state got robbed too.

Perhaps if citizens knew and saw the crime reports on BP that the church school or BTC was robbed everyone in Exuam would have been placed on HIGH ALERT!

But who knew that there was a terrorist running around making the place unsafe? Only the police and the victims! Thank goodness the staff at the hotel put an end to the violence or Morley might have committed his exercise into the end of the year!

Boy I tell ya – CRIME DOWN EH? Anyway, don’t send us any reports – we know how to find news as writers on BP.

We report yinner decide!