A woman who scammed another in believing she owned an apartment told the court she spent the funds on groceries….

Apartment scam artist 24-year-old Kirvinique Campbell pleads guilty.

NASSAU| Some people living in New Providence are becoming dangerously creative in scamming people these days. If you think we joking, just ask 24-year-old Kirvinique Campbell where she was trained in her trade?

The mother of Whites Lane conned Hameelah Higgs into believing she owned an apartment in Nassau Village, meeting up in a mall parking lot to sign a rental agreement which was all a scam.

The rental was posted on the famous stolen tings facebook page “Tings You Gat For Sale”, which is short for the black underground market of the Bahamas!

But before the ink could dry on the lease agreement, Campbell, who disguised herself as Shaquillah Johnson, collected $700 from her victim before vanishing in thin air and deleting her Facebook account. Scam artists are on the rise.

Higgs went to the police filed a complaint and officers quickly arrested the criminal in her dutty WHITES ROAD shack before she could concoct another scam plan.

When asked what she did with the money, Campbell told the court she used the money to buy groceries and her children’s stuff. She said nothing about weave and nails.

Admitting to the charge, she was ordered to repay her victim every dime or face six months in Fox Hill.

Well, look here, around here ga get rugged soon.

We report yinner decide!