Man goes missing with the PLP shirt on his shoulder Mother tells press…


A BP NEWS ALERT >>> 55-year-old Anthony Bowleg cannot be found relatives say…

55-year-old Anthony Bowleg

Freeport, GB — Relatives of 55-year-old Anthony Bowleg say they have not seen him in over one week and have reported him missing.

The mother of the missing man, Victoria McKenzie, told reporters they now fear the worst because they have checked everywhere possible in their attempts to locate him.

“If he went out anywhere, it was usually to an establishment on Logwood Road, but he would come back home … but he never returned Thursday night.“ Bowleg went missing around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 15, McKenzie revealed.

He was wearing a red cap, black short pants and he had a yellow PLP T-shirt thrown across his shoulder.

” He was bareback when I last saw him,”  she added.

Anthony’s brother, Andrew Moss, maintains that this disappearance is not like him. He always returns home.

What could have happened to Bowleg? If you spot him anywhere, please call police.

Meanwhile Police in Abaco have identified the victim who died in a traffic accident on Saturday 24th May 2014 in Murphy Town as 16 year old Giovanni Knowles of Government Subdivision, Marsh Harbour, Abaco.

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