Man on the run for double homicide has a criminal record of beating and shooting women!



Travon Stevens 36 now wanted by police in connection to a double homicide.

NASSAU| Police now tell us Travon Stevens is their person of interest in the murder of that 30-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter who were killed this morning in Nassau Village. 

Both victims were found shot to death this morning in what is being described as a domestic dispute. We still do not know the circumstances which resulted in the violence against the women. 

A bit of background research reveals that this is not the first attack against women by the suspect on the run. 

Back in 2016 Stevens, then a security guard at T.G. Glover Primary School, was charged, found guilty and sentenced for three years in the shooting, housebreaking and causing grievous bodily harm to Wendina Smith, his ex-girlfriend back in September 2015.

Stevens, who has many previous convictions and is known to police, had forced his way into the home Smith shared with her family at Deveaux Street. Stevens, who had reportedly been physically abusive in the past, attacked Smith, put her in a headlock and shot her in the leg.

Before leaving the area in his Honda Accord, Stevens allegedly pointed his handgun at Smith’s mother and sister and threatened to shoot them if they went to police. Again this was his records of fact presented to the court in 2016.

We at BP wonder for what police will bring him into the court system again? Clearly they have a known killer on their hands who has no respect for the law nor women!

In this homicide in Nassau Village this morning, it is said the suspect allegedly had raped his girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter (who was also shot dead this morning). We understand a complaint of that incident was being investigated by police. And now we have a double homicide on our hands. 

Anyway, Stevens is on the run, perhaps looking for the next woman to attack. Police are looking for him, and a woman and her daughter are dead. We gata pray in this nation.

We report yinner decide!