Education Executive exposed to coronavirus…

Minister of Education Hon. Jeffery Lloyd.

NASSAU| Education is once again under the gun as coronavirus spreads throughout the Ministry of Education.

Bahamas Press is warning staff and educators within the Ministry that they must exercise the highest degree of caution and protocol when entering and exiting the Ministry Complex on University Drive.

We can tell you that the Financial Controller, the PS and the Deputy Director – who is also related to a sitting Cabinet Minister – have all been exposed to positive cases of COVID19. All have been advised to quarantine,but have yet to adhere to these warnings, walking up and down and around the place. Ahhh, well!

When will The Ministry of Education take this virus seriously and make sure those people exposed to the virus are tracked, traced, tested and quarantined? WHEN?!

Anyway, it is up to yinner! We report … yinner decide!