Man shot another during a gambling game charged in court!

Charles St. Luc, 35, charged in the murder of Patrick Rolle.

NASSAU| Police have charged Charles St. Luc age 35 years-old in connection with that murdered victim on Bacardi Road a few weeks ago.

Police discovered the body of Patrick Rolle wrapped in a sheet on September 6th after they were tipped that they believed the 28-year-old had been murdered.

The victim and St. Luc were earlier in a gambling game when the shooting incident occurred. 

Now what is interesting is even after the shooting the $1.9 million ShotSpotter never alerted police a response. Isn’t that something. People called police and told them they believed a murder had taken place.

Now finding the witnesses is another problem. What happened to social distancing?

St. Luc is to return to court on December 8th.

We report yinner decide!