Man shot dead in Union Village is 30 – year-old Leonel Louis-Jean of Robinson Road…


Sources believe he was the shooter of the Ida Street man who was murdered

Man shot dead in Union Village is 30 – year-old Leonel Louis-Jean.

Man gunned down in Union Village is now suspected to have been the shooter of that Ida Street murder days ago….

Nassau, Bahamas – On Wednesday sometime just before 2pm in the Union Village community another young man was shot down in the streets.

According to reports, the man was walking through the area with a female, when a man with a handgun approached them and shot the man several times before fleeing on foot. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sources tell us he is believed to have been the shooter of shooting just days earlier in the Ida Street; where a man was fatally shot while changing a tire.

BP believes these incidents are not random and the players are all involved in deep criminal gangs who are fighting over turf.

All we ga say is this; If you have a relative and love them, tell them for the love of the ALMIGHTY, leave people ‘churrin’ alone or you will die as a consequence.

These are wise words all should pay attention to.

We report yinner decide!