Man stabbed to death over one-dollar in gambling game last night… Incident unfolded in Bain Town…


Young 25-year-old Valentino Rahming is the victim who died in hospital…

Victim in that lastest homicide is this man Valentino Rahming.

Nassau, Bahamas — Just hours after that shooting death of a man on bail for attempted murder, Clarence Coakley, of Masons Addition, Bahamas Press is recording yet another homicide, this time in Bain Town.

A dice game, we can report, in the inner city vicinity of Wilkinson and Augusta Streets turned deadly last night after two men begin fighting over a dollar bill.

Dead is 25-year-old Valentine Rahming of the area. He died in hospital a short time later.

Bahamas Press was live on the ground when the incident unfolded, in what some remarked was just a “stupid way to die”. Both victim and suspect began arguing over a dollar bill following a dice roll and, before you knew it, both were at each other hard, with the suspect wielding a sharp object, uncontrollably slicing, dicing and jooking his victim.

“It was blood everywhere and ‘Tino’ [his street name] was gasping for air and on the ground. This was senseless and just stupid. Over one dollar!” an eyewitness reported.

Sources on the ground tell us the person of interest goes by his street name “MJ”. Bahamas Press cannot confirm if the suspect is already in police custody following this wicked crime.

The last man to die in Bain Town was also stabbed to death after asking for a plate of food. In that incident neighbours said the troubled victim knew “he should have not been in the area.”

Bahamas Press is live.

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