Man with a violent history attacks his three relatives leaving one with two teeth in hand and four shaky…


Lockdowns are playing out in unreported violence!

This is a file photo and is not the actual victim in this report.

NASSAU| All hell is breaking loose inside these homes as the Covid-19 Emergency Order lockdowns turn violent and tense inside and around homes.

Cleveland Davis, a 29-year-old, found himself on the wrong side of the law and in front of the Chief Magistrate after he punched the teeth out of one relative, slapped a piece of wood upside the head of another, and left the ear ringing of another family member on April 28th around midnight.

Testimony suggested that the violence began after – according to Davis – the trio snatched his cellphone out of his hand while he was surfing the internet and socializing. But the trio denied the claims and added that Davis just turned into a violent stupa and began attacking them.

Davis has a history of violent behaviour and a documented record of an assault in the system was raised. 

The defence attorney offered compensation for the victims of the violence and proposed that Davis should be placed on probation. The deal would include $5,000 for the relative left holding his two teeth in his hand and $750 for the pair.

The judge was advised that the attack on the victim left with two teeth in his hand also had four other teeth shaking, which could also be lost any day now. Prosecutors added that there was no quote on file for the potential loss of the additional four.

All we say is this: whenever yinner see Cleveland Davis coming in your direction, be ready to defend yourselves. This one’s head is not good!

Chief Magistrate DECENT Joyann Ferguson Pratt delayed her ruling on the matter to this coming Monday.

We report yinner decide!