Marina Village crowded with guests for Junkanoo while Bahamians cannot practice or come out at 10pm CURFEW!


NASSAU| This was Friday night at Marina Village on Paradise island where some 6000 guests arrived at Atlantis between Monday and Friday for this Memorial Day weekend.

We hope persons are being tested. We see in this video both guests and locals with no masks and are not social distancing. Remember that only applies to Bahamians!

But hey dey aint serious around here….Remove these damn Emergency Powers. End the Curfew! Open Andros and Cat Island! Stop ya bullshit and get ready to carry ya (you finish it) Minnis! Boy I “cussin” this morning!

So Minnis stood up in Parliament and called off the amounts spent in COVID Pandemic. But he didn’t disclose WHO got paid. All those cronies who were selected and given contracts AND PAID, while small contractors still can’t get paid for work done BEFORE COVID.