Marshall Road is famous for many dead body discoveries, Haitian smuggling and something else…


mar-3<<< Garbage at a beach area on Marshall Road piled a mile high. The area is filthy! Where is the minister of environment?

Nassau, Bahamas: Do you know where Southern Shores is on New Providence? Well, if you don’t let’s see if we can direct you. Does anyone know where Cowpen Road is? Yeah? Good! Well it’s all that area nearby the sea at the southern end of the island. If you were on Cowpen Road it’s about a mile south of Cowpen Road.

The area occupies some fine residential homes. Two-story homes and well-kept yards would give a better description of how nice the area looks. It appeals to middle income families. And, further west along this southern corridor of the island are several very attractive gated communities. Ahhhhh! You didn’t know that eh? Nor did we. It was our first time visiting the area as we said to ourselves Nassau is really an island.mar-2

But let’s get back to our story, now you have an idea of where the area is. When entering Southern Shores there is a long road that runs west along the coast. That road is called Marshall Road. Ahhh, now you know where we are. Much land in the area was and still is owned by the Munnings family. Yeah, Percy Munnings children are developers of the area. A turn south on that road after driving west for about a mile, would take you directly to the sea.

Marshall Road is known for its nefarious activities. Gun/drug running, Haitian smuggling, and cocaine shipping. Many of you must wonder how could that be if this area is just 1 1/2 mile away from the Defense Force Base? The very institution that is mandated to protect our seas and boarders! But that’s another story.
The area is dangerous and pleasurable. Marshall Road has seen the best and the worst this Bahamas has to offer. We say pleasurable because, as we observed over the weekend, it’s an area for fishing as well. In the area beautiful young innocent looking children can be seen playing and walking near by along the coast, whilst a grandfather cast a line with conch bait hoping to catch a meal.

“People talking about hard-times? They don’t know here at this open sea are the treasures of this country,” the elderly fisherman said as he pushed his small boat into the water and prepared to head out to the ocean. mar-5

But this same Marshall Road beach ramp just this year had seen the worst the city has to offer. It was at that same ramp/beach where a resident discovered the floating body of a Pinewood resident. His body was wrapped and tied so it could stay under water. But somehow it loosened and his body drifted to the shoreline.

Some would remember this same area last year, being the sight of a major illegal smuggling bust. A resident called Immigration officers to the area around 5 AM one morning. Daylight was about to break and coming into Nassau, again just in sight of the Defense Force Base, was a Haitian sloop carrying over 280 illegal immigrants.
“Mannnn the stench was ‘unhumanlike’! One could smell the air of human feces 30ft away from the vessel. The ship had run aground. All I could see was scores of persons leaping from this ship swimming to the Marshall Road ramp. I mean people, whilst others on the sloop poured buckets and bags of feces into the water,” the resident said. “That morning will live in my memory forever!”

But there’s something else about this Marshall Road ramp that has never ever hit the Bahamian public. As busy as the area is and as wealthy the community appear, One must wonder what is the Ministry of the Environment doing to keep it clean, well lit and protected?mar-8

All along that beach area beds and freezers can be seen. From gun cartridges to used condoms mixed with clothes sprawled all along the beach. From tin cans to tin foils. Old broken fans and chairs cast into corners as if they wait for the family to return to their living room. Empty rusted drums, car parts, empty bottles and old tires all lay along the beach. Tons of conch shells, fish skins and guts scatter like leaves all across the area, gathering a swarm of hungry flies. And this is supposed to be a public place? Where is the national pride with this garbage ALL AROUND?

Another angry resident told Bahamas Press he’s fed up with the nasty ways of people who come into the area and leave it like a junkyard!

“It is ridiculous man… and when you see these fisherman leave this area, they leave all their dirt. Look at the empty oil bottles. I don’t understand our people!

“You see how nasty down there is bey? It’s time for us residents to cause this to stop!” he exclaimed.

The 19 year resident of the area said that the way we are treating our environment is unacceptable and told Bahamas Press he will fight to bring changes to this vexing dilemma.

We shall see what happens in a few weeks around this area, and update you our readers. WE NEED CHANGE!


The sea of garbage, conch shells, and fish skin and guts sprawled along the Marshall Road beach ramp. The area needs a massive cleanup.


  1. we have lost sight of o the value of our country’s beauty and those who are coming here illegally practice this same nastiness from whence they came.

  2. I have been listening to Mr. Deveaux on Jones Communications today. It is obvious to all who have eyes with which to see that he and his department are doing a wonderful job in attempting to clean up our environment. I doubt that he needs any prodding from Bahamas Press , although I am sure he appreciates any comments and suggestions from anyone who really cares. Mr. Deveaux has a firm understanding of what this country needs in terms of the environment and is moving towards helping all of us understand that need, not only through legislation but through very practical measures that will help us help ourselves as well as our country. Thanks Mr. Deveaux for a job well done!

  3. Earl Deveaux, the minister for the environment, is now on the radio LOVE97FM. We wonder if he would address this environmental disaster at the Marshall Road Ramp/beach. Also we wonder what he has to say with hall these trees being burned down to make coal?

    As you know bloggers, he is on today just as a deflection of what is published here.

    Bahamas Press/editor

  4. Those of you who frequent the Cow Pen Road area will note the great job of cleaning the verges on that road that has been going on. As we widen the verges maybe there will be less garbage thrown about. If we had a patrol who would examine some of the garbage maybe the source will be exposed and a heavy fine can be levied. Also it would be beneficial if the garbage bags that are filled with roadside debris could be picked up in a more timely basis so those scavenger dogs do not redistribute the refuse. Congratulation to the government for hiring those out of work persons who are now cleaning up.

  5. While there are still too many pockets of garbage on this island we must be fair. There are areas where the residents spend countless hours and much money to keep their areas as free from garbage as possible. Here in Coral Harbour, we are inundated with persons from other areas who think they are entitled to throw their garbage on our verges as well as enjoy our beaches and leave their messes for us to clean up week after week. We have always had a nice working relationship with the Ministry of the Environment who, when asked, will either provide a truck or a dumpster to help in our efforts and we certainly appreciate that. Mr Deveaux and crew have been making a valient effort to clean areas up. They deserve our heartfelt thanks. One of the problems they face is that after a clean-up the parties who made the filth in the first place return and within weeks one sees the mounds of filth again. Somehow we need to find a way to continually “prick” the consciences of our fellow Bahamians to do the right thing. Please continue to post the pictures and identify the areas that must be cleaned up. While some potential visitors who visit this site will be upset they will also be aware that we are trying to do something about the problem.

  6. I agree BP, those that choose to keep things quiet and sweep them under the rug are just as bad and are a part of the problem.

  7. Also Observer, it’s the lack of publishing such material that has gotten this nation in the rot we’re in. We don’t have to publish it ya know, tourists drive S/Ds and they see it themselves!

    Should we have a freedom of information act some may ask? Oh too much of the dirt will be made public, some would cry.

    Should we haul in all these pedophiles found guilty but still leaves the country? Oh people will not go in the profession another bunch would say.

    Should we allow information like the RAPE AT QUEEN’s College last year to be made public, they are minors. YEAH but when grown people fail to protect the young what other recourse they have (THE VICTIM), but to publish the story?

    The world is not locked in a closet anymore my fellow blogger. The world has changed! The internet today is beginning to change this country!

    Only the people of North Korea and a few other places including the minds down at the ‘Toilet Paper’ on Shirley Street, believes in censuring the internet! And we know why!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. With over 100,000 readers watching Bahamas Press on our peek days of Wednesday and Thursday you would see why we continue to call the WUTLESS MEDIA! JUST WHAT THEY ARE, THE WUTLESS MEDIA.

    Now this is what they should be covering. But ya know Earl Deveaux coming on LOVE 97FM FRIDAY and what, they would cover that. They would not go out at this site and ask him about it! IT IS FILTHY!

    We only wish people of COSTA BRAVA saw this beach and took their promotional photo here. Then and only then the world see the talk of it’s better in the Bahamas as another DAMN WUTLESS LIE!

    Bahamians should be SHAME TO OWN THIS AREA! And this is a PUBLIC BEACH AREA!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. If I were a foreigner and got a glimpse of this website I would never want to visit The Bahamas. I am sitting here thinking, are we sure we want to expose the Bahamas in such a negative light on the world wide web? Then again this is what it may take for those responsible to take action against a fiasco such as this.

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