Massacre on Jerome Avenue and Chesapeake Road where six died following an ambush! A woman and two year-old daughter are in hospital with gunshots to the upper body…


Homicide count climbs to 38 as violence rocks the Jerome Avenue and Chesapeake Road area after men were released from police…

NASSAU| Six souls are dead in the deadliest massacre seen in the country in awhile.
The incident, which is being discribed as the bloodiest for the year, unfolded around 5pm at the intersection of Jerome Avenue and Chesapeake Road. Here’s what we know.

Four of the men were arrested on Tuesday for a gun violation. On Thursday around 5pm, they were released and collected from the Wulff Road Police Station by friends.

A short while later we can report blood poured from inside and outside the Honda Inspire vehicle that the men were in as they were ambushed by another vehicle which made good its escape from the scene.

Gunmen drew weapons and a gun-battle began. In another vehicle, caught up in the crossfire, a mother and her two-year-old daughter were shot in the exchange as loud rounds filled the air as if a war had broken out nearby the Kemp Road area. Loud screams could be heard as the gun-battle ended and loads of blood flowed around the vehicles. 

Both mother and daughter are in serious condition in hospital tonight. We hope they pull through.

One of the victims is the leader of the popular Kemp Road-based Crack Nation Gang, 31-year-old Renardo “Crack-Teeth” Bastian. Readers should recall it was his brother Alfred Bastian, Jr., aka “Halfman”, 33, who was gunned down in a hail of bullets on December 3rd outside a home in Cooper’s Terrace.

From that incident we reported that a war has begun even though police continue to suggest that crime is down. YEAH, RIGHT!

Other victim in the massacre were 21-year-old Maurice Pinder, 25-year-old Travis Cooper, 34-year-old Delano Smith, 28-year-old Dequant Brown, and 30-year-old Kendal Zion Lord.

Detectives brought control to the area quickly as many nearby residents filled the streets to get a glimpse of the victims as they moved helplessly in their vehicles bleeding loads of blood.

Loud screams could be heard as the scene unfolded and angry family members and friends quickly gathered on the scene.

Police say they are following leads into the massacre on the streets and will open a hotline to entertain any information which may lead to the arrest of the killers in this latest incident.

Boy I tell ya – If Crime is Down in the Bahamas we really don’t want to see it up!

We report yinner decide!

Blood stains poured outside the silver Honda Inspire vehicle with the victims inside.
Mother and her two year old daughter caught in the crossfire.