Meritorious FNM Council member’s wife sent home at ZNS Grand Bahama



Freeport, GB — Another family member of the minister of health, Mrs. Louise Minnis, wife of Cyril ‘Boxer’ Minnis, a five star general of the FNM, meritorious council member of the Party and brother of Dr. Hubert Minnis was unceremoniously terminated at the BCB Freeport station today.

Our sources on the ground says ‘Boxer’ Minnis is highly enraged at the absolute lack of respect shown to him by Tommy Turnquest, whom he felt should have at least called him before the bloodbath.

Our source further said Boxer Minnis noted: Having regard for all the work I’ve done for the FNM and all the work I’ve done in Marco City from Cecil Wallace Whitfield time to Zharvigo Laing; this is the respect I get?

Worst of all it appears Tommy Turnquest has a personal vendetta against his colleague, Dr. Hubert Minnis. Turnquest has sent home two of Minnis’ relatives. We remind Tommy when you dig one ditch dig two.

He has also sent home Cancer patients in the height of International Cancer Month. We pray eternal damnation upon his wretched soul!

Tommy Turnquest you have NO SHAME!


  1. Please stop spreading these rumors on Mr. minnis. For the information of all Mrs. Minnis looked forward to her disengagement package.

    Please cease from spreading lies.

  2. It’s sad that persons had to lose there jobs in this terrible economy but it needs to happen. Bahamians need to become more responsible and learn to plan for the future. All those vacations and lavish living by ZNS and Batelco staff alike could’ve been money towards the mortage and other bills. Obvilously no job last forever and no one is obiligated to keep you employed because of your political afiliation. This again is an opportunity for Bahamians to plan and save, nothing is promised to man.

  3. Aren’t you going a tad bit overboard in PRAYING ETERNAL DAMNATION ON PEOPLE? Sure, you don’t have to be a fan of them at all, but praying for someone to go to hell. Don’t let it get to hate, and don’t let it get to your head!

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