Eternal Damnation on the UNCARING FNM GOVERNMENT for firing poor sick people


Freeport Grand Bahamas Bahamas Press has learnt that more sick people are massacred by ZNS today. Donna Hall another victim of the death chamber is another cancer patient sent home by Tommy Turnquest. Anchor Christine Pinder, who is home sick also today, received her termination letters [DEATH WARRANT].

Hubert Ingraham sent home Cancer Patients during the International month for Cancer Victims. Erris Pratt was the first Cancer patient to go this morning at the BCB northern service.

Tommy Turnquest and the INFIDELS Hubert and Micheal and the entire Cabinet of the Bahamas we pray a thousand deaths! We pray eternal DAMNATION ON THEIR wretched souls. They are Heartless, Shameless, ‘Wutless’ downright COLD and NASTY!

We recall the words of Jesus our Lord and Saviour who said, what you do to the least of your brethren you do unto me.

May their collective souls ROT IN HELL AND NEVER REST IN PEACE!


  1. Dear BP, I am a family member of one of those you mentioned,this family had throat cancer,and was in remission the last I spoke with other family members,now I am reading that my family is a “cancer” patience is really depressing,and stomach knotting right now.It’s shocking that this family is a hard worker,few more young kids to come -up,with a dedicated life-time partner,is really making my choked up.I was born in Freeport, now living and paying mortgage in Nassau, stay in contact with the going on there.These people is not only my family but my LIFE,people are HURTING in GB, I understand good people,with good backgrounds living in the Pine Forest(literally),cause the monies dry up.Please I hope we ALL would use better judgment or discretion with certain matters,it’s really a serious thing going on in My Beloved Island…All I can say is Jehovah God is a Just God,and and Merciful Creator,So Be It.

  2. This is just wrong! Do you think the FNM is trying to play a redemption game? Letting everyone go so when its time to campaign next year they can give people jobs to say they doing something? The sad part, that when the government do stuff like this, the private sector believe its ok as well.
    I don’t like to talk politics, but I don’t think no vodoo could help the FNM the next time round. I would take a leader who can’t make a decision any day than one who is kills in cold blood!

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