Hubert Ingraham terminates the services of a Cancer Victim at ZNS


Hubert Ingraham

Freeport, GB — Bahamas Press learnt cancer victim and ZNS northern service chauffer/messenger; Erris Pratt, has become ZNS’ latest victim in the downsizing exercise underway on Grand Bahama at this hour.

BP has learnt, Pratt is the only person working in his family and has been hit hard paying medical bills and supporting relatives during the recession. We have learnt the COLD mean spirited board chairman, Michael Moss, handed Pratt his letter of dismissal shortly after noon today.

Pratt who battled cancer for sometime now speaks through a voice box, which he presses to communicate. The heartless, ‘vicked’, mean-spirited decision to let Pratt go comes as a result of a mass downsizing exercise at the BCB Grand Bahama station – FNM Country.

With Grand Bahama now in depression, Hubert Ingraham and the COLD-HEARTED FNM government will now carry blood on their hands for their decisions against the weak. They will not be judged lightly!

How could a government be so spiteful and mean to let go a man battling CANCER? They have no shame!

We can confirm other victims of the firing underway at ZNS are Louise Minnis, Elizabeth Grant, Bridgette Farrington, Donna Hall, Erris Pratt, IvanSaunders, DENZAL SWAIN – Inch, Lionel HALL, D”avril RAHMING and Nugyen Stuart.

Michael Moss

Bahamas Press updates you as to who this Michael ‘Three Teeth” Moss character is. FIRSTLY YOU SHOULD KNOW HE IS CHAIRMAN OF THREE GOVERNMENT BOARDS.

Nassau, Bahamas – The Cabinet Office today announced the appointment of Michael Moss to the post of Executive Chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), by His Excellency the Governor General.

The two-year term appointment is with effect from Friday, January 1, 2010.

Mr. Moss, who also currently serves as Chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB), will continue to serve in this capacity for the time being.

He replaces Mr. Fred Gottlieb, who served as Executive Chairman of BEC since 2007.

Mr. Moss’ career in engineering and electricity generation spans over 40 years. Upon successful completion of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1969, he joined the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), where he ultimately advanced to the position of Chief Generation Engineer.

A Chartered Engineer and Corporate Member of The Institution of Electrical Engineers and The Bahamas Institution of Professional Engineers, Mr. Moss has held numerous senior and executive posts including Chief Technical Officer of the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd., General Manager of the Grand Bahama Power Company and Senior Process and Operations Engineer of the former Bahamas Oil Refining Company (BORCO).

He has also served as Chairman of the Professional Engineers Board, President of the Bahamas Institution of Professional Engineers and a member of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) Board.

Mr. Moss is married to the former Willie Angela Marie Musgrove, an attorney-at-law and partner in the Graham Thompson & Co. law firm. The couple has two children.

Of Mr. Gottlieb’s tenure, Minister of the Environment with responsibility for BEC, the Hon. Earl Deveaux said, “Mr. Gottlieb assumed the Chairmanship of BEC during a time when fuel prices reached the highest the world had ever experienced. Additionally, the global economy suffered the largest contraction in a generation.

“These two events placed enormous pressure on BEC and its customers. The Government is particularly grateful to Mr. Gottlieb for his steady and insightful leadership during a particularly tumultuous time at BEC.

“Mr. Gottlieb’s chairmanship was distinguished by his firm and fair dealing with staff and management, particularly in his sensitivity to the integrity of the Corporation while addressing growing customer needs brought on by increased unemployment.  His efforts in restructuring the management of the Corporation and initiating the search for renewable energy sources are notable.”


  1. I am still disturb today as I recall the incident in Freeport when The Prime Minister, this same Prime Minister speaking to the casino worker more than ten years ago when he they were called into a meeting and were told by the Prime Minister, “by the time I take my seat, this casino is closed”. to hear the screams of mothers and fathers at that time was heart wrenching.

    And so here we are again, Hubert Alexander Ingraham is doing it again.

    But you know, I don’t have a mumbling word to say to Hubert Ingraham, I say this, however, to those in the party.

    If you allow the P.M to do what he did prior to 2002 the elections then dog will eat your lunch, and sad will be your cry.

    If you can’t stand up to the leader now, for God’s sake, don’t let the devil fool you and step onto my property.

  2. The average compensation package was $50,000 plus one year’s health care.

    This for people in an organization known for its incompetence, poor work ethic, politically bloated staff and a laughingstock of its counterparts worldwide.

    Oh, and no financial audits (even though required by law) from 2002 – 2007!

  3. These terminated employees have received a sufficient package to carry them over through these though times. Put let’s be sensible about this cancer patient, any business man would terminate him. He is what we call in business a liability!!! Why would I want to keep a sick person employed that would only cost more money to maintain. I would have to pay him whether is is at work or not, if he isn’t I have to pay overtime to persons covering his job. Seriously why spend all that money and civil servants have to much advantage in working under government, they take it for granted. It’s time to move on to bigger and better. If we don’t take these little loses now how can we progress towards a better future?

  4. The very sad thing about this, is that I am understanding that there are no pension benefits. Incredible that in this day and age, someone would have worked most of their life at a company and the company or union not seen to something which is standard in today’s work place. An MP gets a pension after serving for just TEN – yes 10 years. Go figure. Pension for life vs 3 months salary!

  5. I thought that all the retrenched employees would continue to get health insurance for 12 months? I believe that the economy will be buoyed by Bahamar and Atlantis phase 4…the hurt will soon pass, and Bahamians will realise that no one will have a job for life anymore, that is just the reality of the world.

  6. It is never good when someone looses their job. It is even worse when the person is ill and loose their job… medical care can not only be expensive, but can also be stressful/depressing. So now Mr. Pratt has no medical insurance, no income and no chance of new employment… sorry to say looks like a murder plot to me. I wonder how Mr. Moss sleeps a night!

  7. I second that Donna! how could some losing their job, in a good economy be justified, much less a soft economy as this. These people are heartless, and I hope that if the same fate comes to them, or a loved one they will feel the same.

  8. Heartless and cold- that’s the FNM and all those who support them.
    Our people are being fired at the worst time in our economic history, and some people are saying ‘good for them’ ‘ZNS had too much dead weight anyway’ ‘they getting fat payoffs’ etc etc.
    Are they any different than hotel workers being laid off, and dont we plead and hope that the private sector will hold on as long as they can to their employees even though the economy is bad? Dont we feel pity for laid off hotel workers? Why is it any different for ZNS workers? THey have bills to pay, mouths to feed- did the govt really have to let them go now, now, now? I cry shame on this heartless FNM govt and all those who open their mouths to support these people being fired! I hope each and everyone who justifies this terrible action, has the same calamity fall on them, that they lose their houses as a result, that they have to take their children out of private school, and that they suffer the exact same way that these ZNS workers are suffering! I truly hope the same fate falls on all who callously brush off and support this despicable action by the FNM govt. I hope their words dig their own graves. God is tired of these heartless Bahamian people, we will reap what we sow.

    • I agree to this statement, they are heartless and uncaring for the peeople but time will tell you can do for as much as you like but not as long as youlike for God’s WRATH IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY HEBERT INGRAHAM,

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