Workers GO at ZNS Northern Service


The Bloodbath has now commenced in the second city Grand Bahama. Reports now coming into BP confirm the casualties at ZNS Freeport.

BP can confirm axed are : Elizabeth Grant(SALES) who had more than 30 yrs Mrs. Louise Minnis, (HR) Bridgette Farrington, (Sales) Davril Rahming (NEWS) took the packge ZNS FPO –Deczal Swain fired (manger TV Production).


  1. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE AT ZNS GB: Bahamas Press can confirm cancer patient, Erris Pratt, chauf/messenger for the BCB in Grand Bahama is now in with Chairman of the BCB Michael Moss. We are being told the sick man, who needs his JOB MOST is now feeling the axe by those COLD DEMONS Hubert Ingraham, Tommy T and Michael Moss. OHHHHHHHH LIFE IS COLD NAH!

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