Michele Fields Leaves Troubled ColinaImperial!



Bahamas Press can now confirm that Mrs. Michele Fields has tendered her resignation from the now ‘troubled’ ColinaImperial.

Bahamas Press had learned that Mrs. Field shared her decision to depart the organization with close staff and friends at the company during a recent lunch hour last week.

Mrs. Fields is a competent DECENT PROFESSIONAL and we support her decision to ‘jump ship before it sinks.’

Bahamas Press notes that more workers were fired form ColinaImperial since our announcement of the firings of the management team in mid July. In that day of axing, Montey Braithwaite was removed as president, Richenda King was removed as Human Resource Manager and Dashwell Flowers was dismissed as V.P. of Sales. Now Michele Fields, Chief Risk Officer has tendered her resignation.

With over 100,000 policyholders held by ColinaImperial, and the company is now clearly in turmoil. It was reported that the problems are further compounded as ColinaImperial is FAILING TO PAY INSURANCE CLAIMS, as reported by the Sunday newspaper, The Bugle.

Bahamas Press wonders what has happened to the conditions imposed by the Christie government which were established during their purchase of Imperial Life. Does Hubert Ingraham care if 100,000 policyholders lose their investments? Also Bahamas Press wonders why the ‘WUTLESS’ Tribune, Guardian nor ZNS has yet to touch the issue?

Bahamas Press said it LONG AGO and we will say it AGAIN, COLINA has PROBLEMS and ENRON is a good example of a corporate collapse!


  1. Should we as Bahamian investors be concerned? I have always had my faith in the government to protect the Bahamian investors, should major financial institutions go bankrupt. Recently, we have been hearing all sorts of negative report about Colinaimperial; the Government and Colinaimperial have remained silent. This is making me nervous. I thought by now we would of being assure that there is no need to sound the alarm. I have monies invested all over the place, but most of my monies are invested in Colinaimperial. Should I go in there and cancel all my policies and investment accounts and put money under my mattress? Please Colinaimperial do not leave your customers hanging, please but our mind at ease. We have heard about the major financial institutions that have collapsed in the US and we know that once US economy is doing badly it is not long before it affects the Bahamas. We need a press conference.

  2. The Bahamas Government needs to undersatnd what happened to Leihman Brothers and AIG .On that note needs to even look at more whats going on with ColinaImperial……A word to the wise is sufficient, take note

  3. He should be carted off and charged with Rape of the Community!…lol….yall dont kill me today. He is a rapist in his own right.

  4. Darold may have been accused of raping one peron. But Manny has and is is raping the Bahamian community. Do we need more evidence than that.

  5. Drama King, I agree with you. All the wonderful things God is doing for us and for someone to say there is no God that is height of ungratefulness. They may prosperous for a period, but it will not last always. They believe to themselves all they need is money to survive; walking around like they have arrived and do not know how to treat people, if a deadly disease should hit them all the money in world will not be able to save them. This is when they will realize God does exists.

  6. Yeah you said the man is an atheist. Thats serious. With all the wonders of God all around you, how can you not believe in anything.

  7. lol…Kim you are something else. This rich fellas be into all kind weird stuff. Who knows if he hasnt raped and gotten away with it before….lol.

  8. Dear Editor,

    The contract for the new school, which was built in Freeport recently, was awarded allegedly, without any competitive bidding, to a construction company which is allegedly owned, in part, by Hubert Ingraham. The contract, in the amount of $5.3 million, was awarded in the dark of night, I am told, and without regard for the kind of transparency, which is the accepted norm, when awarding any government contract of this size. Rumor has it that the more than $100,000.00 damage done to the building and equip, subsequent to its completion, allegedly, may have been commissioned by certain unnamed contractors who are angry at the way the awarding of this contract was handled. They are saying that you can bet your last dollar that when any government contract of this size is in the works for grand bahama or Abaco, this particular company will get it, notwithstanding the bidding process and whether there is one or not. There is no concern about nepotism or transparency, two words that the FNM made famous in the realm of politics in the Bahamas. They built their campaigns around these two words, over the years, and were very successful at getting a large majority of voters to buy into this well choreographed scam. Accountability in government is non-existent and words such as “ honesty; integrity, transparency, and phrases such as “government in the sunshine” should all be removed from any references to this, inept, FNM government. Words such as “kickbacks, graft, nepotism, stealing, dishonesty, and phases such as “all for me baby” should replace them.

    Dr. Bernard Nottage, minister of health in the Christie administration, had plans, at the time of leaving office, in the final stages to build us a decent hospital in Freeport. This would have replaced the inadequate and dilapidated Rand Memorial, but those plans, too, were shelved and we haven’t heard anything about them since this useless FNM government muscled its way to power. Pray tell me what common sense does it make for Zihvargo Laing’s brother to be given a $400,000.00 contract to repair the roof on the Rand when, in fact, the only prudent, sensible, intelligent, fiscally sound thing to have done was to put a couple more dollars with that (so to speak) and build the new hospital? The Hon. Bradley Roberts, minister of works in the Christie administration, had plans in the final stages to build a multi-purpose school complex at Acklins for, among other things, use as a storm shelter in case a major hurricane threatened the Mical constituency, such as hurricane Ike, but the FNM scrapped that too, claiming it was too elaborate, too expensive, too much money to spend on the 300 to 400 people living on that island; in other words, it was too good for them. Well they are now seeing the wisdom of the PLP government in wanting to build that complex. Hurricane Ike could have swamped the whole Mical constituency, as it did in Grand Turks, and carry all our people away. We would not have known a thing until it was all over, as all communications with that area was knocked out of commission. This government is lacking, badly, in wisdom and the use of a common sense approach to doing things. I believe an FNM senator inferred, publicly, that the school was too good for the few people living in Acklins. Tunnel vision jokers, is how I would describe that bunch of cabinet misfits.

    The Bahamas Development Bank board, of which I was a part, approved the purchase of the gulf union bank building, situated on the mall here in Freeport, just before the FNM came to office after the last general elections. The purchase price was around $500,000.00 and projected cost of repairs, I believe, was pegged around the same amount. The prudent idea was for the bank to, finally, stop paying rent and to have the option of owning a prime piece of real estate in Freeport which would house the bank and give it space enough to rent to other businesses. After the FNM won the elections, the Board, very responsibly, took the decision not to proceed but thought it fair and indeed proper to leave the final decision to Ingraham’s incoming Board. Surely we thought that any well thinking Board would see the wisdom in proceeding along the lines we were going too, but not this group. I saw the announcement in the papers last week where the Freeport Power Company has purchased the structure for its offices and The Bahamas Development Bank? Well it has moved from its location upstairs over the Bank of the Bahamas where it paid minimum rents to that very high rental property on east sunrise hwy, just opposite the Christian Science Church hall. What an asinine decision; but what do you expect from this group? When the truth is known, and I am willing to pay for your lunch if I am wrong, we will find that some FNM supporter is no doubt getting his/her palms greased.

    Every rope has an end and if you give them a long enough rope, they are bound to hang themselves, and they will, take from me. Those are my views.

    Forrester J Carroll J.P
    Freeport, Grand Bahama
    12th. Sept. 2008

  9. lol…Kim…you had me confused for a minute there. I thought Manny had gone and raped someone…..lol

  10. I am a woman who doesn’t believe in cloaking no rapist. To be honest I really do not know Darold other than hearing him on the radio and seeing him on the television. I think it would be presumptuous if he knows to himself he is a sexual predator and he is making statements about who he going after for messing up his good character. To me this is not amusing at all and it would mean he is a pathological liar and he needs some serious help. I never saw him in this light and I will not convict him without proof. Being a woman myself, I feel for the accuser too. I have placed myself in her shoes, I could imagine if something like this was to happen to me and nobody believe me, how hurt I would be. Why her story is so hard to believe is because everybody is saying she was sleeping in the same bed with Darrold and driving his car. When you sleep in a man’s bed who is not relate to you, you should expect something of this nature could happen to you. Let’s get real here. Darrold sexually harassed a little girl aye?

  11. Drama King was right Mr. Alexiou can not be trusted he would smile with you and chop your head of the same time. Do not be fooled by that smile, you have no idea what he is capable of doing.

  12. Insider, you would be an a** if you go against your own people to please that greek. When he back his a** up and go back where he come from, you still have to live among your Bahamian brothers and sisters.

  13. Very good, Insider! That is a good attitude to have as no one can be trusted right now. People are going to be sucking up to Manny Alexiou and bringing news to him of all sorts. They feel that will protect their jobs but that is a VERY cold, brother. He will listen to their while smiling. He is cold!!.

    Stick to your plan and seek legal advice.

  14. It is too risky talking to people now, everybody trying to look out for themselves. So much cut throating going on now, everybody trying to save their job. You do not know who to trust. I am not saying anything else, if I happen to one of them who they call in, I am going to see Obie Ferguson and I will be seeking legal help.

  15. Good move, Insider!!! Stand up for yourself and ONLY speak of this to people on the job who you are sure can be trusted. I am sure Manny those have their moles planted.

  16. Drama King, if the ever call me in I will tell them I need to read the papers over before signing and then I going straight to Obie Ferguson.

  17. This is awful Insider and SOMEONE has to stand up for these employees. This is awful!!! One of you must get the guts to seek outside help. Get a copy of the dismal form and take it to Obi Ferguson and ask him to have a look at it. Its good to know your rights.

    Obi Ferguson is very good at labour laws. If its unlawful, he will sniff it out.

  18. Employees fear that if they joins a union, they would be dismissed. I have been secretly talking to a few of them about the idea and all of them are afraid. The way I see it you still aint safe either way. Atleast if we had a union, we would have a group of people standing up for us. Employees are being called in randomly and told to sign some dismal form or they are forced to resign from the company. They are now doing this on a smaller scale, so the public is not aware of what is going on at the company.

  19. Thats what they need to do. But I guess they wont due to fear of Manny and the axe falling on their necks.

  20. Let me understand this, Manny them wants to charge them agents for office space and phone? Where do they get the gall? Them agents isn’t making no monies, it is not their fault the way the company is performing. Charging them agent is a statement saying, “We in a whole heap of trouble“. Why punish the agents and they are the one who mess up the company. It is not fair to blame those agents who are doing their best, because they realize their lively hood depends on commissions. BP please check into this matter and update us on these agent situation.

  21. The company already operating at a loss, now they want to add pressure to them agents to get them out the scrape. The economy done aint doing good and people scare to do business with them because of all the sh*** they done do. How the hell those agents could give them any money?
    They should be damn happy they still have people trying to represent them and sell their products. They need to paying them agents for their efforts.

  22. Finley, there is no need to cancel your policies with them. When the next company buy them out they will have to honor those claims.

    The government suppose to protect everybody who have a vested interest in that company.

  23. I contacted them and they told me the same, however, Dream, the proof is in the pudding. Everything BP has said about ColinaImperial, to date, has come to pass. Plus the staff is VERY uneasy. Something bad is going on there.

    Finley its a crying shame if they charging those agents. I would work from my home instead of paying them money.

  24. What do you guys think I should do? I have a health insurance, life insurance and a money market account with colina and its related companies.

    I need some professional assistance. I’ve contacted Colina about these allegations and they tell me these are lies.

  25. I heard that agents will now be charged to use Colina office space and for phone usage…I kid you not. BP, please get on this and confirm or deny. Those agents are paid on commission. They may as well work from their homes.

  26. I wonder where BP get these pictures Braithwaite looks sleepy, Flowers head look so big and Alexiou looks like a snake. King and
    Fields pictures look like two sexy ladies.

    BP yall get yall sh** together.

  27. Alexiou better be happy he have those praying people around him, that’s the only thing that is keeping Colinaimperial going. When God moves them in his time, that company will be doomed.

  28. What is going to happen when they leave or if they decide to stop praying?? The company will be doomed and its already in trouble now.

    Colina and Guardian employees are not in a good place, right now.

  29. Sands, you might be on to something here. Some of those fellas be so twisted with egotism they might answer, “What other God is there to answer to but myself?”

  30. If you tell Alexiou he will have to answer to God, he would say “what God? dont you know god does not exist?” that man do not believe in God, that is why Colinaimperial is the way it is.

  31. If I were a staff member I would not be too excited about a grand Christmas party when I know the axe can fall on my neck at any minute.

    Alexiou and his compadres have a lot to answer to God for. They are practicing a lot of wickedness in this country and are getting away with it. They own a lot of businesses and every business is staffed by a bunch of uneasy people as they dont know when one of these “smiling men” will hand them a letter telling them to go home.

  32. I heard staff morale is at very low level at the moment, so many are becoming very dicourage.
    I hope Mr. Alexou if he could afford it throw them a off da chain christmas party this year, after all they been put them through.

  33. Mr. Kemp from the Mortgage Department resigned from his post last week. Someone who work in that area told me that, they can not begin to imagine how the mortgage dept would manage without him. He took on most of the functions in that area.

  34. It is frightening as this is a conglomerate which has bought up most of the insurance companies in the country.

    I cant understand what government would sit by and allow them to do this. Then they went and bought out the media as well – Tribune, Guardian, Island FM. So no one is willing to report on the company’s wrong doings.

    My entire family is insuranced by this company and any day now I am going to bail out. I cant risk something happening to me (God forbid) and my wife and family is left to live a life substandard to what I had them living just because the company wont pay off the claim.

  35. This is why I have refused to sign up my companies pension plan… Another Enron is correct!

  36. Why is it that when Colinaimperial starts firing from management, they normally fire a group of executives one time? instead of one or two. Are we to believe that all of these people were incompetent or corrupted? What does it say about the people who hired them?

    Anyway, I am glad Michelle ‘jump ship before it sinks.’ for a while now, I was wondering why she was taking so long. I guess she finally realize that the ship was not going anyway, but the to the bottom of the ocean.

    All I know they better have my money, when my policy reach maturity in January 2009.

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