Microphones and Satellite Dishes Will Fly If Staff of the BCB Are Not Paid!



Chairman Mike Smith [far right] and team at BCB.

NASSAU| At this very late hour, staff of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas have still not received their salaries which were due on their accounts two days ago. 

Management told staff they have no idea when the salaries could be paid, however, the managers received their salaries while the others had nothing.

Ever since the recently retired Financial Controller, Higgs, left the Corporation, the new woman in charge of finances cannot cut the mustard.

Salaries are not posted on time and or overtime monies owed are not paid. This woman does not care about the staff and only cares about lining the pockets of the managers.  

What’s worse is that the BCPOU Union and the Broadcasting Corporation Management recently signed a new industrial contract and members of the union were to get $900.00 each as a lump sum payment this money along with their salaries.

The union is now raising an eyebrow about the late payment wondering if the Corporation is trying to opt out of paying the lump sum to the staff. 

At about 5 pm, the union held an impromptu meeting cautioning its members by saying if the monies are not in their accounts by dawn, they are not to report to work until they receive their pay and the $900.00 lump sum. 

Needless to say, the staff  is not happy and that once upbeat mood because of the promised $900.00, is now dismal and failing. 

We report yinner decide!