Minister Pinder Launches Financial Services’ Strategic Plan


Ryan Pinder MP f- Minister for Financial Services
Bimini, The Bahamas – Minister of Financial Services the Hon. Ryan Pinder launched his Ministry’s Strategic Plan and unveiled its 10-year strategy to “revamp and re-invigorate the Bahamian business services industry”, at the International Business and Finance Summit, at Bimini Bay, Bimini, on February 1, 2013.

“As a Believer in The Bahamas, I know that we did it once, and we can do it again,” Minister Pinder said.

Minister Pinder said the new initiatives focused on the following: the re-creation of the Ministry of Financial Services; the rebranding of The Bahamas as a full business services centre; a comprehensive approach to increasing the competitiveness of The Bahamas as a business centre; a comprehensive approach to business friendly immigration policy; a comprehensive approach to innovation management; a focus on new geographic markets and new sectors and leveraging The Bahamas’ sovereignty as an asset.

He added that there is much work to be done over the next few months.

“My Ministry is tasked with this awesome responsibility and we will be successful,” Minister Pinder said.

He said that, however the financial sector has an important role to play, too.

“We expect your considered and timely opinion on matters of the utmost importance as we consult,” Minister Pinder said. “We also ask for your continued creativity as we look for new markets and facilitate the creation of new products that meet the needs of a current and prospective clientele.

“Ten years is a short time; but I am confident that The Bahamas as a business centre in the year 2023 will be vibrant, robust and will serve to complement and challenge our tourism sector.”