Minnis face mask law jails the poor hit hard in the COVID-19 pandemic…

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| The homeless are suffering the most with the COMPETENT AUTHORITY’s rules in this global pandemic and, in the Bahamas, the poor and vulnerable are feeling it hardest.

Officers patrolling Paradise Island arrested homeless man Joel Major, 20, who was put out of his home by his father and went for a walk to clear his mind. When he was detained by officers for not wearing a mask while in public, he told the police he had forgotten the rules, but could not get back into his home. 

PM Hubert Minnis made the wearing mask rule last week and ordered that anyone failing to comply shall be fined $200.

Major was brought to court handcuffed and shackled, unlike “Mr. Protected” Johnathan ASH. 

Major was ordered to pay $200 or face two months in prison.

Look how Minnis is criminalizing the poor and the vulnerable – many who have not worked from MARCH! 

We report yinner decide!