MINNIS’ KING AIR RETURNS at a cost of $19 million

PM Minnis

NASSAU| Bahamasair will now operate with the title “KING AIR” when the PM is onboard, according to BP, as PM MINNIS [Mr. Duck and HIDE] has decided to increase his campaign budget for flying! 

Travel for the PM, flying with his RENT-A-RALLY throughout the Bahamas, is also up – from $74,000.00 (in the last budget) to a whopping $256,000.00 in this year’s budget 2019/20.

So much for his austerity for Bahamians! While Social Services and Healthcare is slashed, eating in the Office of the PM has gone from two meats to six meats as that budget climbed from $10,000 a year to $115,000 this year into next year.

All we can say is this: “Mr. Duck and HIDE” will be enjoying stew grouper any time of the day after July!

We report yinner decide!