Minnis makes sure his son gets consultant role above other doctors with more years experience…


Dear Bahamas Press,

As discuss blatant favoritism and nepotism within the public service by this FNM government, one of the things I noticed not many people are talking about is how the prime minister’s son only spent two years at the hospital as a Senior Registrar before getting upgraded to the coveted “consultant” role over other doctors who have upwards of ten years of experience.

There was no basis for him to jump the line like this but for the fact that he is the Prime Minister’s son. When you’re related to Minnis, you get to skip the line. Now, here we have a johnny-come-lately doctor who only has a couple of years of experience in such an important medical role.

This FNM government made sure all of their friends, family, and lovers were well taken care of while they neglected and overlooked everyone else. What this proves is that it’s not just Bannister, Wells, and Gibson whose hands are dirty, the nepotism and corruption goes up to the leader as well.


A Senior Medical Professional