To the FNM Pharaohs: Let My PEOPLE GO!


The Editor
Bahamas Press
6th September 2021

Dear BP.

Bahamians are groaning under the FNM Pharaohs,

As a tsunami of allegations of corruption continue to build against cabinet ministers and other FNM functionaries it is important to look back and see how these very serious allegations, some with supporting documentation undermines the lies and deceptive narratives used by the FNM to mislead and bilk Bahamians in the 2017general elections.

And, just as they did successfully in 2017, the FNM once more seeks to smear the PLP with lies and innuendos concerning corruption. In a report on 6 th May 2019 the PM uttered this lie “The Progressive Liberal Party as a corrupt group that believes it “owns” this country, as he urged members of the Free
National Movement not to take the public’s support for granted. While outlining his government’s achievements since the May 2017 general election and plans for the country’s further improvement, Dr Minnis sought to draw distinctions between the FNM and the opposition party. For a quarter century, the PLP ruled under a cult of personality, a sense of entitlement and mass corruption and widespread victimisation,” Dr Minnis said at a service at Cousin McPhee Church celebrating his administration’s second anniversary in office.

Despite these lofty, self-serving and deceptive pronouncements the FNM has proven to the Bahamian people that not only is it incompetent but that this administration reeks of corruption, conflicts of interest and cronyism. Instead of addressing the problems of our country they have turned the power of the state
against the people and engaged in widespread victimisation of its perceived enemies arresting some and giving their friends a free pass.

But the FNM started even earlier with their lies and misleading statements. It started with the lie that the PLP used the VAT money to finance their campaign a lie that was proved to be just that a lie.

This lie was in full blossom when the PM stated on 29 September 2017 that “I will be a transformational leader in areas such as education reform, renewable energy, business opportunities for young people, urban development, promoting Bahamian culture and heritage, social intervention for at-risk youth, niche
agriculture; and diversification within tourism and other economic sectors,” he said.

Then since the PLP appears to have been living rent free in his head all his adult life the PM went on to state “This election is about removing a PLP government that has brought our country to its knees. This election is also about hope and opportunity. This election is about nurturing the dreams and unleashing the talents
and energy of the Bahamian people, especially our young people.”

Bahamians will be hard pressed to find that he kept any of these promises. Indeed, we are still searching for evidence that any were kept despite a national debt approaching $11 billion, rising unemployment, a collapsed health system despite a $300 million allocation annually, rampant crime and a Bahamian population saddled with debt, rising prices and desperation.

In fact, if you examine each item that the PM said he would fix in his 29th September 2017 pronouncement you will find that he has done the complete opposite to what he said he would do. But the lies and misleading statements continued. On 14 th October 2017 the PM said “ This is essential Mr., Speaker, if we
are to stem public corruption at every level. My government will continue with forensic audits, in order to identify wrongdoing, and to stop such practices in the future. Be assured that once uncovered, position, status, politics or family name, will not prevent prosecution. We cannot simply ignore the massive abuse and theft of public funds, as some in the opposition seem minded to do,” added the prime minister.

Of course, this was another gratuitous lie told by a man who would do anything to gain office so that he his cronies, and financial benefactors could continue to plunder the nations assets and reduce the average Bahamian to penury while ignoring the rampant allegations of corruption in his own administration. In fact, there are so many allegations of corruption against the FNM government that it is difficult to keep track of track. Sufficient to say that not one government ministry under this corrupt, incompetent government has emerged unscathed from the stink of corruption yet the PM refuses to prosecute the culprits or remove them from office as he pledged to do. This FNM administration is a national and international disgrace.

No one trusts them; not the Bahamian voters, international lending agencies, not the IMF or local lenders. They have demonstrated fully that they are bereft of honour and do not deserve our trust and confidence. They have pointed the finger of corruption on others to gain a political advantage yet expect Bahamians to ignore banner headlines, opinion pieces and clear evidence of FNM corruption and corrupt practices. As a group of malignant narcissists, they project their fears, biases and insecurities, so it is easy to glean what they fear most. In the Tribune of 6 th September 2021, the PM revealed his fears when he said, “Chester knows the people don’t want Brave,” he said. “Chester is hoping Brave loses so he could become PLP leader. But we have a little surprise for Chester too. The Exumas and Ragged Island going’ red with Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson”. What a bunch of nonsense.

The PM was forced to call an election because his parliamentary group was plotting to remove hm for a second time as FNM leader. As a narcissist rejection is one of their worst fears so, to avoid embarrassment he went to the polls early. Indeed, his only response to the collapse of the FNM is to try and sow dissension into the ranks of the PLP.It also reveals the man’s delusion; how on earth can Bahamians vote for a party which has as its primary goal the destruction of our country and a return to the days of minority rule by the FNM.s money men? So, what can we expect in the runup to the general elections?

The FNM is a creature of habit; they will lie, point fingers point smear campaigns and engage in defamatory statements if they believe that will assist their devilish agenda.

They will launch scurrilous personal attacks on the PLP leadership because that’s all the rascals have to offer. But Bahamians should not be swayed by these lies and FNM deception. We are on a mission to save our country and will not be deterred.

As is written in the Bible, Proverbs 29: 1-3 “ He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

2  When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

3  Whoso loveth wisdom rejoiceth his father: but he that keepeth company with harlots spendeth his substance. My brothers and sisters all across this nation Bahamians are groaning; they groan for the loss of loved ones; they groan when their family members die in hospital corridors and gurneys; they groan when there is no room or hospitals beds when they have heart attacks; they groan when the see the vast sums of money frittered away by this uncaring FNM government; they groan when they can’t feed their families because the FNM has put them on the bread lines and cancelled their employment contracts; and they groan under the whips of the FNM Pharaohs.

Indeed, only the rich enclaves of monied FNM supporters who can bury their pets when the masses cannot even bury their dead are rejoicing. But do not despair; keep praying and we will be rid of this despotic, uncaring government soon.

Finally, a word of advice for the foreign propagandists, purveyors of filth, biased media and their Bahamian sycophants. Collect your blood money and fees from the FNM now. We the Bahamian taxpayers will not be paying for the hangman’s rope.

Michael J. Brown