Attorney General’s sons failed to transfer their voter’s registration and may attempt to VOTE IN FORT CHARLOTTE WHERE THEY DO NOT RESIDE!


Torch Bearer Association President Carlyle Bethel is not eligible to VOTE IN THE UPCOMING GENERAL ELECTIONS!!!

Conveyance showing Carlyle Bethel residence in Marathon.
Carl Bethel AG

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is advising the Attorney General of the Bahamas Carl Wilshire Bethel to warn his two sons, Wilshire Bethel and Carlyle Bethel, that fraud is a crime and, when caught, is punishable by imprisonment.

Bahamas Press is learning both sons of the country’s Attorney General have decided to not transfer their registration from their former place of residence and today remain on the register in the constituency of Fort Charlotte.

Carlyle Bethel, sitting President of the Torch Bearer’s Association, has not resided at his parent’s residence for the past two years.

Documents shown to us confirms Carlyle has resided at his new residence in the Marathon constituency since 2019. The home in the conveyance (POSTED ABOVE) confirms the value of the asset at $150,000. Carlyle is presently holding the voter’s card #52001 registered in Polling Division #1 in Fort Charlotte. 

The law is clear that a voter can only reside one year outside the constituency where (he /she) is registered in order to maintain one’s eligibility in that constituency. 

The older son of the Attorney General, Wilshire Bethel, has resided outside of Fort Charlotte since 2017 (some four years ago). He lives in the constituency of Killarney in the Love Estates community. 

But despite this fact – with the Chief Legal Officer of the Government being his father – Wilshire failed to transfer his registration (Voter’s Card #64311) into Killarney. He, too, is still registered at the Buena Vista home, in Fort Charlotte constituency. 

Now, we want this report to serve as a warning to all persons who believe they can break the law when it comes to elections. WE GA REPEAT THE POINT: Fraud is a crime and, when caught, is punishable by imprisonment.

We have a warning for all who believe our homework was not done: Do not present yourselves at any polling station in FORT CHARLOTTE! We will be waiting if you try! WATCH!

We report yinner decide!

Wilshire Bethel who lives in Killarney conveyance for his residence in Love Estates.