Minnis says, “Government has failed to deliver promised jobs and PLP spin is shameless”


Dr. Minnis brands the Christie Government as a FAILURE in 2016!

Hubert Minnis - Leader of the Opposition
Hubert Minnis – Leader of the Opposition

By Dr. Hubert Minnis, Opposition Leader

The Department of Statistics recently released unemployment figures which expose the grave and sobering reality of the high level of joblessness in The Bahamas. These figures are underscored by the fact that the incumbent PLP government made lofty promises relative to immediate job creation. The Bahamian people must not forget the acrimonious boast of Deputy Prime Minister Davis in July 2012. At that time, he claimed that the PLP government would create 10,000 jobs within the first year of coming to office. He went on even further to insist that by 2017, the government would have created 50,000 jobs. The 10,000 jobs never materialized during the Christie administration’s first year and in typical PLP fashion, we heard nothing further on fulfilling that broken promise. According to the recent statistics, a little more than 20,000 jobs were added to the economy since the PLP came to office in May of 2012. With May 2017, on the horizon, it is virtually impossible that this inept PLP government can facilitate the addition of 30,000 net jobs into the Bahamian economy, as the Deputy Prime Minister intimated.

The present reality for the Commonwealth is that the Christie administration has proven itself to be an appalling steward of the Bahamian economy, and by extension, the ship of state. We will not question the veracity of the statistics relative to the professionalism of the Department’s statisticians. We note, rather, that the Department of Statistics is an entity controlled by a PLP government that prides itself on cover-ups and embellishments. As such, the Free National Movement must provide additional perspective to the broader implications of the recently revealed statistics. The comparative aspects of the statistical data purport a decrease in unemployment between November 2014, and May 2015, (from 15.7% to 12%). We echo the admission that this decrease was due to the injection of over 7,000 phantom jobs into the economy, in the lead up to Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. As a result, this decrease in the unemployment rate was merely ephemeral. Were these phantom jobs not factored into the statistics, the unemployment rate would have remained consistently over 15% during both previously referenced periods of analysis.

In another instance, the statistics reveal a significant decrease in the number of discouraged workers between May 2015, and November 2015. It is stated that the number of discouraged workers decreased by a whopping 30.3% during the period from 3,950 to 2,750. Unfortunately, as the Bahamian economy continues to stagnate under this Christie administration, it is expected that the number of discouraged workers will increase as dramatically it is claimed to have decreased.

In final analysis, the current unemployment statistics prove once again that we have a government that is long on rhetoric and promises and short on delivery and integrity. It further proves their inability to lead a country poised for 21st century progressive thinking and development. Conversely, this government’s claim to fame is their historical affinity for producing mediocre governments and promoting blind political loyalties. In addition, this Christie administration appears quite comfortable governing through excuses, finger pointing, blame games and public relations spin doctoring while ignoring the fundamental tenets of accountability, responsiveness, consensus and transparency.

In 2017, a newly elected FNM government will place an immediate, laser focus on full economic empowerment. We will embrace an innovative program of entrepreneurship that will allow scores of Bahamians to live out their dreams of owning jobs rather than having jobs. For those who have jobs, we will ensure that they continuously upgrade their skills through professional development and training opportunities. This will enable them to optimally perform in their current positions, and prepare them for promotional and other employment opportunities in the future. In the midst of these scary unemployment statistics, this PLP government is hell-bent on downplaying the full extent of our economic and unemployment woes. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Bahamian electorate to judge them according to their works or lack thereof. Nearly four full years after giving them the mandate to govern, they have failed miserably. They have been thoroughly assessed and have been found wanting. The Bahamas is in desperate need of CHANGE.