Missing child left at wash house around 7am this morning…Search for Shavard Bain jr ends!

Criminals had abducted this child around 6pm Saturday in the South Beach community. After BP’s global alert system was turned on at 4:30am Sunday criminal abductors returned him at 7am. Why police took so long to alert BP?

BP BREAKING| In less that two and a half hours following BP’s Powerful Global Alert System was issued on missing cild Shavard Bain Jr he has been found.

Police tell us that just shortly after 7am today (Sunday), young Shavard Bain jr. was dropped off at a wash house on Joe Farrington and Fox Hill Roads.

He is presently in police care and enroute to a hospital for a routine examination.

Yesterday the child was abducted from his South Beach residence while playing around 6pm and placed inside a silver vehicle by two females before speeding off.

BP’s massive Alert System was engaged around 4:27am this morning.

And just less than two and a half hours later the wicked returned the child in fear of their own safety.

Now all we need to do is use the poweful CCTV footages all around the island to trackdown the two women.

We report yinner decide!