Mitchell Puts FNM Chairman In his Place


Nassau, The Bahamas – In response to the recent statement issued by FNM Chairman Johnley Ferguson, Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell blasted the FNM Senator over the complete stupidity and utter lack of grasp of the real issue at hand. Investors can no longer assume their correspondence with the government are held in confidence as a result of the FNM’s attempt to score political points at the PLP’s expense.

They are once again throwing the baby out with the bathwater and doing so in the most incompetent fashion. The full text of Mr. Mitchell’s response follows.

Statement by Fox Hill MP and PLP Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and the Public Service, Mr. Fred Mitchell.

Mr. Ferguson is not at the level of political competence to answer my comments. He is not a Cabinet minister and therefore cannot speak on behalf of the FNM government.

This is not a time for back and forth with political hacks but it is time for the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his Cabinet ministers to take seriously their role in Government. The fact is Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham blew this Bahamar deal. They came to office, dithered, dillied and dallied and now want to shift the blame on the PLP.

When will the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues and by extension his party hatchet men get serious and get their acts together and get to work and stop blaming the PLP for everything and the kitchen sink?

Seventy per cent of the contractors are out of work in this country according to the Chamber of Commerce President. Do they care who is to blame? These contractors want work. They need to feed their families.

Mr. Ferguson can play word games all he likes.

His party and the Prime Minister wrecked the deal. They should heed the words of former Prime Minister Christie when he said that a real Prime Minister would not complain but would get to work trying to save this deal. Mr. Ferguson should tell his leader the truth about the damage Mr. Ingraham has done to this country in nine short months. A one man political wrecking crew.

He owes the country an apology for wrecking the Bahamar deal. “