Moncur: Duane Sands is Disqualified



Elizabeth Constituency Election Headquarters Of

Rodney Moncur / February 2nd 2010

Duane Sands is Disqualified

Article 48, Section 1(j) of the Constitution of The Bahamas states that ” No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Assembly who is interested in any government contract and has not disclosed the nature of such contract and of his interest therein by publishing a notice in the gazette within one month before the day of election.”

This is the supreme law of the land and, in the case of the up-coming bye-election in Elizabeth on February 16, 2010, this means that any one who contemplated running in the bye-election and who had a contract with the Government, had to make such a declaration in the Official Gazette on or before January 17, 2010, thirty days before the election.

That person should have then brought a copy of that Gazette to the Returning Officer on 29th January 2010, nomination day, as documentary evidence that he had complied with Article 28, Section 1(j).

On nomination day, Dr. Duane Sands declared before the Returning Officer in a letter dated 29 January 2010, that he owned shares in a medical company which had a contract with the Bahamas Government.

At no time before this, and in the stipulated time-frame did Dr. Sands disclose in the Gazette his interest as it related to this contractual relationship with the Government, although this disclosure is clearly stipulated by the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.

The first time that Dr. Sands disclosed his contract with the Government was on February 1st 2010, fifteen days too late, according to the Constitution; and this happened only because the disclosure was incidental in the Government Notice of Nomination in a Contested Election, published by the Parliamentary Registration Department.

I charge that the Returning Officer should have detected this flaw in the nomination of Dr. Sands, just as he detected a flaw in the nomination of Mr. Godfrey Pinder.

Once Dr. Sands had advised Mr. Jack Thompson, the Returning Officer, in his letter of 29 January 2010, that he had a contract with the Bahamas Government, Thompson should have then demanded, promptly and on the spot, evidence that Sands had complied with Article 48 1(j).

Unfortunately, he did not do this.  And so Dr. Duane Sands, although in full violation of one of the fundamental rules of free and fair elections, is a candidate in the up-coming election.

This amounts to a grave travesty of democracy perpetrated on all the Bahamian people by the Free National Movement under Hubert Ingraham; and Dr. Duane Sands should disassociate himself from this shameful disgrace, withdraw from the race and return to his medical practice which this country so desperately needs.Dwane Sands - 1

I welcome political competition and I am not afraid of it. I have been in front line politics longer than all of the other candidates. However, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and every citizen, and the Government as well, must adhere to the provisions therein.

I charge that Dr. Duane Sands is disqualified from running in the up-coming bye-election because he has not complied with the requirement of the Constitution as outlined in Article 48,1(j), which constitutes one of the fundamental qualifications of a candidate.

And I therefore call on Dr. Duane Sands to act honourably and drop out of the bye-election forthwith; he and all his FNM hosts.

Rodney Moncur


  1. The FNM and its surrogates are not living in modern times as they still think they can threaten and silence anyone.Its modern technology and no screaming will change anything.If anyone o0n this site wants praise then read the wutless newspapers and the FNM web where everyone praises PAPA.I must  be getting lenient as I have not really mashed uo anyone for a long time so n c l smith consider yourself lucky as you are now chosen as my punching bag. 

  2. If Rodney Moncur is right and Dr. Sands win believe you me Rodney will challenge the FNM in court; but we all know the judiciary was hand-picked so we all know what the outcome would be.Anyways, how come the other media houses are not investigating this cry………I think they should.Hooray Rodney, I only wish somehow that you could be elected to the house and be a constant pain to the PLP and FNM.

  3. secondly moncur is old school gramatic  meat and two veg if he say what he is sayin then as all can see it occured i noticed my self from the election notice and thought the wording peculiar what will be the out come is another story as for ryan pinder his defence to the charge is that his us citizenship was bestowed now as neither of these matter have been judged by a court any view points are speculative but this is fact how will we deal with it?

  4. @ NC L Smith im sure the fnm party has there own blog this free speech domain dont let your love fah pappa blurr your vision and cloud your senses so according to your logic a disgraced editor is behind BP ….BP say they have 12 writers on seem angry tgat there is an avenue for people to voice their opinion so i ask you this what would be your solution to BP since you aree compelled to read maybe media can accomodate your paticular disposition but if all else fails go to www dot FNM dot com where erery budy tink like you

  5. No Nicky, they can’t, it’s an accident they just can’t stop looking at, but Nicky you are correct.

  6. my thing is…if you have a problem with the things BP posts then simply don’t read it..stop coming to the website…I would assume it would be that simple…correct?

  7. NCL let Bahamas Press inform you that today we have 12 writers publishing material for this website. That said let it be known WE HAVE ENDORSED RYAN PINDER AS OUR CANDIDATE OF CHOICE IN ELIZABETH!

    The Washington Post supported and endorsed their Presidential Candidate. The New York Times did the same. The Huffington Post endorsed OBAMA and we at BP have ENDORSED RYAN PINDER!

    Now because the Tribune, Guardian and Journal cannot support your candidate of choice don’t get mad with us. Everyone who read BP knows, when we endorse a candidate – You are bound to win!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    • OK, disgraced editor.. like how you endored the person running against Moss for torchbearers..

      • NCL SMith if you can tell us who we endorsed we would retract our words. The fact is we endorsed NO one against Jamal.


  8. Russell BP has new information from the ground in Lizzy Poling Division #10. Stay tuned.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. Bahamas Press – Wow.  It would be so easy to just continue to discredit this crap.   It is sad that your organization continues to work against Bahamians and the Bahamas.  “Weekly World News” is more like it.   Did you see aliens today also?

  10. If these allegations are true then it confirms many Bahamian points of view that the P.M. placing diehard party members on the judiciary is his way of preparing to further circumvent justice in Bahamaland!!!!

  11. This is garbage. Moncur should be pursuing Pinder who is an american with a american passport and may be disqulified from being a mp

    • I am hoping that the FNM responds like the PLP did in relation to Ricardoo Smith.Many persons take Moncur lightl;y but obviously he has done his homework and caught the FNM with their pants down.An explaination must be given expeditiously if the FNM is to have any credibility.

  12. BP, if what Rodney Moncur is saying is true, then how could Jack Thompson and the returning officer miss that? I know JT is an FNM, but he is a no nonsense man and calls a spade a spade. I am surprised by this.

    Whoever is in charge of Dr Sands campaign must be working for the PLP undercover. This is being botched right before our eyes! WOW!

  13. HAI and his band of cronies have developed a God-complex and continue to show contempt for the laws of our land. It seems the laws only apply to the small man. Grandma used to stay fish stink from the head….and we wonder why the young people have no respect for the law????? I call upon HAI and his band of gangsters to LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Obey the law of the land and withdraw Dr. Sands forthwith!!

  14. I mean NCL we are considered deceivers because we do not support Sands? What a desperate thought. WE REPORT YOU DECIDE!

    Bahamas Press  is just laying blows on the FNM campaign which will soon self destruct.  We report however, you decide.


    • So BP, Can you carry the story about how the PLP operatives have paid for voters to regrister and they are from other parts of Nassau.. People who know you now cry shame on you… Mr. Former Disgraced Editor..You can support the PLP and Ryan Pinder by why are you so obveriously hateful, mean and just plainly put lieing…Many people have expressed that they are not surprised but thena god that you are no longer with the leading news hose in this country.. any how.. you are self-destructing and in time you will see.By the way, Dr. Sands, son of respectable PLP will win in Eliz.. abnd you will just be another piss on..  

      • Lolo lolo calm down like some of your fellow apologists say you will still be the Govt after 16/02 lolo lolo.However thats the start of a losing streak which will stretch thru 2012 or before.One thing I find so good about supporters of the FNM is the fact that you are spiteful,as your leader so go down with him in Lizzy when the votes are counted 16/02.You are the Govt now so fix the problems.Boy you all sure want to win this seat badly,and are now getting very desperate.Its PLP time so get used to the music and its supporters.

  15. The law is the law and the handlers of Dr Sands should advise him to withdraw thus avoiding a good cutass on the 16/02.Even if by a miracle he wins then the Election Court will rule him out as the representative.Doc Sands save yourself the embarassment and drop out now.No one is above the law and if this Govt also wishes to have any credibility they must ensure that the law is carried out to the T..See you in 2012 Doc as this is not your time.

  16. @ jokes…

    Lord Hely this disgraced former publisher.. making up lies to decieve.. no wonder…


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