More changes ahead at the police force, another senior officer about to resign



Reginald Ferguson, commissioner of police.

Nassau, Bahamas – The Cabinet is not the only area where prime minister Hubert Ingraham is making swift changes. Bahamas Press has been informed by a reliable source within the government that veteran officer Christopher McCoy will resign from the Royal Bahamas Police Force to take up the post as Comptroller in the Road Traffic Department. It is not clear whether this latest move in the force is due to investigation within the institution or the hand of Prime Minister Ingraham. The source noted that prime minister is also set to remove Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson and will cut the training of Ellison Greenslade to take up the post as Commissioner of Police.

The source confirmed that prime minister is not satisfied with the results of a recent investigation within the force and therefore struck down a request for an extension of stay on the force by commissioner Ferguson. Reginald Ferguson will retire from the force at the end of the year.


  1. Hmmm…it would be quite interesting to know if the murder cases of Dr. McDonald and Harl Taylor were left unsolved because he and others protected other officers in authority. and why did Keith Bell resign?

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