More Covid19 cases at the National Insurance Board Headquarters…

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| There is great distress in NIB this morning after a key staffer has tested positive for COVID19 and perhaps has created a mass community spread at the Board.

The staffer was at work yesterday (Tuesday) but came down with symptoms spreading the virus across the complex.

NIB has sent workers home for the rest of the week to potentially spread the virus to their families. Testing is not free, and well, none of the workers sent home have been asked to get tested. Just like the staffers in Parliament!

The staffer is responsible for all NIB vehicles and would drive all vehicles operated by staff throughout the day. If he has COVID this must mean, based on the science, that the cars at NIB were COVID INFECTED up to yesterday.

Everyone in NIB should be tested otherwise the building is COVID spreader location just like in Supervalue.

Talking about Supervalue, we can confirm the manager at East Street and Robinson Road has tested positive for COVID19, and yes, that store was never closed nor was any staffer tested. So what is this? The manager has been home quarantine for the past 6 week and is not getting better. The question is though this: How many persons were infected with the virus since that one case was discovered?