More Government Workers Could Be AXED at the Management Information Systems Department by the End of the Month


Hubert 'Papa' Ingraham set to send more public workers home.

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Nassau, Bahamas — Shattering news emanating from the Office of the Prime Minister confirms more workers under the employ of the government could find themselves displaced in the Public Service.

BP has scaled the walls of the Management Information Systems and from what we have learnt, workers in that department assigned to the Registrar are uncertain as to whether they will have a job at the end of July.

The services of the entire MIS department we are told have been outsourced to another foreign company by the Ingraham administration, and have left workers now assigned in the Registrar Department in limbo.

“We do not know where we will be by the end of the month. No one is saying anything, we are cut out of the budget, and yes we are sitting ducks,” a worker in the department told BP.

Sources tell us what could come by the end of the month for the government employees could be what came for Workers at the Hotel Corporation, who were fired and sent home while the MPs on the government side repeat, “WE HAVE FIRED NO ONE!”

Late last year the Government fired more than 92 workers at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, and come next month severance packages will be issued to over 30% of the workers at BTC/Lime. The decision to release workers at BTC was expected to follow after the sale of the profitable corporation to Cable and Wireless.

We hope the government could pay public servants their promised increases this July.


  1. Well you saw who was on the news tonihgt talking about why it was important for Papa them to pass that shark bill this week, bcause it is about them making honey

  2. What really bugs the ‘shot’ out of me is supporters of the Free National Mess (FNM) thinks HAI is doing a good job, well, i say BULL-SHOT !!!

  3. My Lord Papa can’t be bahamian, he is just to dam ugly. He gats to go. We cannot have a man like that to represent us. He should run in the Haitian House of Parliament.

    • man i see papa talkin about the straw vendors and their counterfeit bags but he has nothing to say about cable bahamas putting their adds on other stations. isn’t that the same thing. companies pay for their spot on these stations. So isn’t it the same thing when cable bahamas put local adds on those foreign station. for instantance at superbowl the advertertiser pay the station millions of dollars but Cable bahamas could inject adds they are being payed for in the commercial spot. but thats not a problem for papa its only the small man who commits crime or should i say the poor black man.

      • That’s because he and many of his drinking buddies own tons of shares in Cable Bahamas. Why do you think they allowed them to set up shop back in the 90’s?

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