More patients in Surgical Medical II tests positive for COVID19 – Nurses in Isolation…


The initial victim was a patient from Sandilands…Could this mean Sandilands also have a community spread?

PMH main entrance.

NASSAU| At least 4 patients now who were on a surgical medical ward II at Princess Margaret Hospital that was shut down over the weekend because a patient tested positive for COVID-19, have also tested positive.

More healthcare workers have also been placed in self-isolation as a result of this incident. They can be at a food store you are in shopping. Stay Inside!

BP is learning the first victim in the ward was a patient from Sandilands who was admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital Surgical Medical II. What does this say about potential cases of community spread at Sandilands and what is being done to screen that facility?

We have asked the question weeks ago: How did Ruby Bowe die after coming down with symptoms consistent with COVID19? We asked about Bowe’s death from late March – we got no response from health officials.

And now, here it is a patient from Sandilands infects persons on a public ward inside PMH and the public is kept in the dark about serious safety concerns at these government-operated facilities.

BP wants to report the Cabinet meeting today shared how health officials have a challenge getting a needed tool for Covid19 testing. The ministry hopes to get some of the needed devices today….so ramping up testing ain’t ga happen now.

In the Cabinet Meeting today the PM is looking for ideas. The room is braindead!

We report yinner decide!