More than 14 students and residents in North Abaco are in police custody. Yesterday, a riot broke out at Abaco Central High School. The riot we know is a battle in the north between the Bahamian and Haitian communities. Bahamas Press has learned with the exception of the Guardian all WUTLESS media houses avoided the story including Radio Abaco.. We understand the area though stable is now growing hostile.



  1. @Charles Firstly Mr. Charles, do you know what happened in Abaco?, and what are you measuring this by to say that it is blown out of proportion, secondly, the constitution of Haiti refers to any child born anywhere in the world to Haitian parents as Haitian, a child born in the Bahamas to foreign parents is not automatically Bahamian, and what wrong with being Haitian Charles?, (Ya Born Dere, Ya Born Dere!), they were the only slaves to defeat their masters, that’s something to be proud of, …… thirdly a ninth generation Bahamian WOW!, where did your ancestors come from?, are you an Arawak Indian?, someone in the government, let me stop playing HAI, he is the true leader and he is gonna have to step and put his foot down and get serious with problem, those ministers only carry out his bidding, a large part of his constituents are the Haitians, let’s see what he does about it, no media outlet carried the story correctly, they played it down, but mark my words,Abaco is the testing ground for what the future will whole in this country, you think this was blown out of proportion, this is gang violence, listen to this, if this isn’t fixed and soon, CIVIL UPRISING, CIVIL WAR.

  2. @ awakened I agree with your statment hopefully a government can act on it and bring some unity

  3. First, this story is blown out of proportion. Second, we are creating problems by referring children of people born here as Haitians, and rendering them stateless. Third, we can’t keep up this stupid pretense forever. (I am a ninth generation Bahamian on both sides)

  4. @Tink we fool Tink We Fool, those with papers are just like our Bahamian citizens who live in Bain Town, Kemp Road, Nassau Village, Eight Mile Rock and other communities, these area are also challenged and they are Bahamians with papers also, this is a long story, but we cannot keep borrowing funds to take care of everyone else, America needs to step in and assist, because these people are actually trying to get there, we are only a stop on their final destination, our government is gonna have to man up, and approach the Americans for more financial help, those who are illegal need to be shipped home, and make them pay their own way home, Branville needs to find some innovative ideas, now those who have papers should be assimilated into our country, and made to follow the Bahamian way or culture, bring them into the Bahamian lifestyle, either they want to be Bahamians or Haitian, nothing wrong with them feeling proud about their heritage, but our country should come first if you wanna be here, this is why we are paying Branville and his Immigration crew for though.

  5. @ awakened all you said is true but the situation grows worse by th`e day haiti is a world problem we paying for daily…..this is why the governm,ent needs more money to fund a proper immigration do you propose to deal with the individuals with papers but alienated to the point they live in shanty communities due to low socio economic status and discrimination

  6. @Tink we fool Who should build them houses?, then the government needs to build me a house, you have got to be kidding?, I know it sounds cold, but it is not, if someone had and they mess theirs up, then we should then take from the little we have and give to others, we are to small for that, you are a Bahamian when you have Bahamian papers, not because you born here, you know that, America and the French jacked them up long ago, why aren’t they helping, they are Super Powers, we are Fire Crackers if that.

  7. @bahamas youth
    they bahamians as well see dats what im tellin you guys the problem has been there is not enough officers in immigration nor boats brain ville on the tv talkin bout shanty towns but abaco grandbahama, eluthera, bimmini and nassau(whole bahamas) is inaundated the government has a duty to these individuals as well who have bahamian citizenship they could starrt by building proper housing documenting people and use of I.D. cards potentially yers of discrimination and alienation a flawed immigration policy means that this is the reality go to goofgle news go back to 1966 and you will see the story of haitains landed and detained at oakesfield under the watch of slathiel thompson even then some officers refused them bread and water are we not our brother keeper but at the same time this uncontrolled influx is too much

  8. DEM CHILDREN GATS TO GO PACK DEM UP AND DROP DEM to dey country…. I could careless if dey dnt kno ntn but SAP PASSE….. When you dont learn you feel deyt needs to ship em up and drop em to HAITI….. DEY WANT CAUSE RIOTS AND THING….. DEY GATS TO GO!

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