More than $150,000 has vanished from BAIC Farmer’s Market! Will they call the police…


Farmer’s Market now $150,000 in the RED! MONEY VANISHED!!!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now looking deeper into those firings at the Bahamas Agriculture Industrial Corporation where Minister Michael ‘CrazyboyO’ Pintard the former paymaster for Save The Bays has lost confidence in the Chairman Michael ‘Sweaty Palms’ Foulkes.

We understand the Corporation’s Farmer’s Market programme is now more than $150,000 in the red. Thousands are missing and the profit and loss paperwork has failed to be handed over to the Minister for Cabinet.

We understand the firings have been as a result to get to the bottom of the stealing, which is now coming closer to someone deep inside the Corporation.

BP warns all that some $150,000 has vanished from the coffers of the BAIC Farmer’s Market. We invite ‘CrazyboyO’ to sharpen his ax blade. Money is missing, items have been sold and someone who bankrolled the funds is jeopardizing the Farmer’s Market! WELL CALL DA POLICE!

We report yinner decide!