More trouble ahead for the DNA as BP predicts three more will drop out before elections


Leader of the DNA, Branville McCartney

Branville caught in another LIE in the press

Nassau, Bahamas — For the third time now, the ‘FNM Lite’ leader, Branville McCartney, exercised his oratorical skills by lying to the press and was caught ‘green handed’ in another damn lie as he spoke with NB12.

McCartney was interviewed sometime back in January after revelations surfaced that its MICAL candidate, Delano Munroe, was charged before the courts for ‘THIEFIN Churrin’ money. Court documents revealed Munroe, who was head of a youth programme for some 10 years, allegedly stole over $13,000 [thirteen thousand dollars] from the kids.

The papers also revealed the ratified DNA candidate did so in his capacity as a “TRUSTED” leader of the Junior Achievement Programme.

Even though the issue had surfaced and was put out in the public for all to see, the DNA leader told an NB 12 reporter in RAWSON SQUARE, just inches from the Queen Victoria statue, that he was aware of the charge and that his party knew of the incident prior to Munroe being ratified by his organization.

Now what is strange is this. Readers would remember not only did McCartney say he was aware of the matter before the court, but added in that same NB12 interview back in January he said that being charged does not conclude guilt and concluded that persons are innocent until proven guilty. [HEADLIGHT!].

Delano Munroe former DNA MICAL candidate.

But in an interview this week with Branville, the DNA leader said he never said he knew Munroe had such matters in the courts prior to the story appearing on Bahamas Press and subsequently being broadcast on NB12. The TV station – for all to see – posted exactly what McCartney said in January and exposed his about-face LIE on Tuesday this week. One day, he says we knew of Munroe’s woes prior to his ratification and then this week suggested they [DNA] did not.

‘FLIP FLOP FOOL FLAM Curly head LIAR Brigadoon BRAM’!

Bahamas Press went on record at the time back in January castigating the DNA leader, asking what kind of judgment is that to know someone could be such a potential crook to “CHILDREN”, yet the DNA finds him fit to represent people? Clearly, McCartney has a dose of poor judgment as a leader.

Bahamas Press warned the DNA repeatedly over the fact that it was not properly vetting its candidates and that some persons selected by the party would spell trouble for the organization in the future.

We at BP serve the DNA official notice now and state that three more candidate will be forced to leave the Party when we submit our FACTS not long from now in this court of public opinion. We advise them to carefully examine each patient now on life support in the DNA, as some are headed for the trauma room, before the Party goes into a state of SHOCK!

Stay Tuned!!!

We report Yinner decide!