More Trouble in the Business License Unit

Not one child is bold enough to look Papa in the eye. WELL MUDDO!

Trouble is brewing tonight in the Ministry of Finance as we are being told departments all around the country are loading up with temporary workers as Papa is set to call a November General Elections.

Our BREAKING REPORT is coming tonight from the Business Licensing Unit in the Ministry of Finance where we are told scores of FNM election workers are now hired as temporary workers.

Bahamas Press can confirm the department has become the dump site for former employees in the Customs department, who the FNM leadership classified as “thieves” and rogues in the government system. Many in the unit are alleged to have been caught with their hands in the Cookie Jar, with none being able to explain their situation to authorities. 

But in an amazing twist, the FNM leadership sent out of the Licensing Unit some 8 employees calling them thieves also. From the way it looks Bahamians are only thieves, rogues, JACKASSES, and criminals whenever they come up against the FNM. But there’s more.

Since our article some sought to challenge our postings asking who was actually headed into the department. We noted how, Don Cornish, a relative of the PM was headed in the unit. He’s now reported for duty. We also stated Tex Turnquest, the famed LAND FLIPPER, was also headed there. He is yet to arrive.

Bahamas Press report tonight, the woman placed second in-charge at the department now is Athena Marche. Marche was present recently in her dark red T-shirt at the FNM rent _a_rally event just a few weeks ago on Clifford Park. We will not say how smart she is to hold the post, but what we will say is this, we don’t believe the department is in good hands.

David Cates is heading the department and we are told he is afraid of Marche like ‘cat is afraid of water’. Some 15 temporary FNM goons were brought into the Unit last week, and from the looks of things more are to come.

If ya need a job go look for Papa and Laing, DEY hiring plenty people, but make sure ya wearing red!


  1. Just me

    what so COMPETENT about Ms, Marche, if she was so COMPETENT, she should have been in charge of the Buget section of Ministry of Finance, and not been kicked out like she was. they don’t want her in Finance head office so they sent her to the dumping ground. She is so unprofessional, she cuses on the job, always drunk, and always off, so how COMPETENT IS THAT. when you are so called COMPETENT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT BUSINESS LICENCE, SHE CAN’T BECAUSE SHE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT, VERY DUMB. THOSE PERSONS THAT SHE HAD TRANSFERED COULD RUN CIRCLE AROUND HER. SHE IS A DUMB BITCH.. WITH NO ETHICS, GETTO GAL OUT THE BUSH…

  2. Clearly the story has nothing to do w/ the photo of the PM with these children. Though unrelated to the story itself I must comment on the unspoken sentiment that the picture coveys, which is the children are only fulfilling protocol, but clearly they don’t care to look upon such a “Horrible” ((clearly throat i meant Honorable) face who seems bent on selling their birthright!!

    I’m a direct descendant from Ragged Island and believe me that’s not the island to mess with – cause we don’t play!!! The PM thinks he knows about “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” Because we’ll show you better than we’ll tell you!

  3. of all the persons you mentioned in your article about the Business license unit, Ms. Marche is probably the most COMPETENT. She has extensive work experience and has the educational background to go with it. Rest assured with her there, the licensing unit is in GOOD HANDS.

  4. BP, oh how i love you BP. One question? are you all aware of the Singapore Government, coming into certain areas of the Bahamas Gov and now they are making all the employees fill out a resume’, take a test and all the perks. if ya dont pass the test, then dog eat ya lunch, what else is papa going to do to we bahamians….do some investigations BP, please..lots of folks now stand to lose their jobs with government….good place to start will be the Registrars office….i ga listen BP yinna decide

  5. BP,

    Check your sources as while some of what you claim is correct, other parts are incorrect and should be verified before making such claims!

    • If you know something said is incorrect tell us and we will checkk it for a third time. But don’t say it is incorrect and say nothing. how that make you look?


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