A Customs Officer is Dead after being accused of Stealing

Glenn Gomez, Comptroller of Customs

Bahamas Press is reporting the sudden death of a customs officer, who was under investigation at the department.

BP can confirm the woman, who we shall not name, took ill following the opening of an investigation of alleged corruption within the department.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham ordered the the removal of several officers and retired additional persons as the probe into alleged stealing commenced.

Family members of the deceased woman told BP, “She died a heartbroken woman falling ill just after being accused of STEALING at Customs. She is not a thief and we will do all in our power to clear her name; even in death.”

To date no member of the department have been arrested nor has any been found guilty of such charges levied by the FNM government.

Bahamians are criminals, thieves and bandits once they come up against the Foreign National Movement!


  1. To all who accuse customs officers of stealing: the next time you bring ANYTHING into the country, declare it and its actual cost. Amazing to me (I’m not a customs officer) that we almost always only spend $300.00 when we shop abroad. Secondly we are a corrupt nation, from the top all the way to the bottom. Civil servants can always find someone to ‘do a deal’ with. Bahamas Press is only doing what it knows will draw visitors to click the link. It works!

  2. For some reason every time I hear the word custom officer and stealing in the same sentence it never catches me off guard. It like we almost expect custom officers to be thieves . Anyway, with that being said, I just want to say, you are innocent until proven guilty and I hope they had enough concrete evidence on this woman, before they decided to make this woman out to look like a criminal. Could you imagine how stressful it is to have people going around handling your name in their mouths and referring to you as a theft, especially if it is not true? That would take a toll on anybody’s health and don’t let them already have any existing health conditions on top of that, its enough to kill them. Especially someone who is not strong enough to handle it and who really cares about their name and reputation.

  3. A Customs Officer is Dead after being accused of Stealing ” This headline is really a poor choice of words for the writer/editor. She is dead because it was her time…. Don’t try to blame nothing on accusations of stealing…. Broken heart?? Is that literally or figuratively? So who is the Doctor that diagnosed her of dying with a broken heart?? How many of us has had our hearts broken before?? It was just her time to go… I am sure her death was health-related… People need to stop over exaggerating.. To the Family… condolences are extended but if in fact she would have wound up guilty of stealing, then….. suffer it to be so, would you have then claimed that they are lying?? If a person knows within themselves that they didn’t move anything (money etc.) then they have no need to worry or point fingers on others as picking or lying on them.

  4. you have no evidence to prove thats the reason why she died so the allegations towards her death is wrong. SOME of us civil servants are not to well im not giving anyone reason to steal nah… its seems as if everything going up except your pay. THANK GOD FOR A JOB its steal more than what most have

  5. Im not saying this the reason why or why not she died, this is another example of misusing the freedom the of press. You have no proof that this is the reason why she died unless whoever wrote this article knew her personally and idoubt it. Because why would you wanna print an article such as this. Linking her death to the deparment that has nothing to do with it. im not saying she is or is not but i have enough sense to know that sometings are better off left unsaid a prime example of lack of empathy or sensitivity and someone thats itching for a good story.

  6. im not saying this is a reason that lead to her sudden death. Im not saying she is or is not responsible I dont know her life. My ting is tis how could you make such assumption as this? Maybe she was plague with sickness through life, maybe something other than stress may have took her out. I dont know. I think its disgusting to make such an assumption on a person like that based on some sip sip. I dont know her hands and da ting is yall have the comptroller pic like hes related to her death.

    • @ (let me clear tis ting up) please change your screen name, b’coz after three consecutive postings and not a damn one makes a bit of sense, it is highly unlikely you could clear up much.


  8. we are all aware of the corruption/bribing/stealing going on in these ministries, persons making civil servant salaries and living like money is no object!I believe if SOF(source of funds) review/examination was done across the board on many of the assets of civil servants many heads will role!

    I didn’t main to be insensitive..I extend condolence to the grieving family, may God comfort them through their pain.

  9. Working for government until retirement and leaving with dignity is still an honourable thing — whether in government or in the private sector.
    But, there are those who abuse their position and take unfair advantage. The steal or make deals or whatever..we know all this. As for this lady, there has been no judgment but they did make her a part of an investigation…there had to be some reason why?
    god rest her soul though and may her family know peace of mind too.

  10. There was a time when working for a government corporation was an honorable thing. These days, it is almost like a curse. Whatever happened to a person working, reaching a retirement age and doing so with dignity? This administration appears to be on a witch hunt to strip hard working, honest Bahamians not only of A job but, also of their dignity. Please Bahamians do not allow anyone to tell us that we are not good enough, be reminded that the GOD on the mountain is still GOD in the valley and that the GOD, of the day is still GOD in the night. Isaiah 61:7 says: Instead of their shame my people will receive double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs. To this family, hold on, weeping may endure for a night but, joy will come in the morning.

    • It is amazing how we always tend to use the word of GOD to rectify our actions….I feel it is about time the government entities be revamped…there are many but not ALL government employees are lazy, steals, dishonest, always late, absent and horrible attitudes. Some of them because they worked there for so long they believe they own the place and dont have to submit to authority. There are places where you have the boss is listening to the janitor, there are persons put in positions and dont know what to do. etc.etc. the list goes on……therefore i believe the government has made an attempt to make employees do what they were hired to do….Also with the government retiring the older ones I say YES to that….there has to be space for the younger when they graduate………..

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