More workers go home at BAIC and are being replaced by Free National Movement operatives…


BAIC Building

Nassau – More staff has been fired from the Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation [BAIC] and only BP has this report.

We can tell you the Acting Deputy General Manager at BAIC, Stephen Burrows, was relieved of his duties without any real or specific reasons other than political.

We can also confirm the termination of the facilities manager Craig Ferguson, another victim of PM Minnis’ brutal and harsh punishment of Bahamians.

Meanwhile, we can tell you some seven new persons have been hired by the Government to replace those who are supposedly PLPs. Two of the seven we can name at this time: Diana Bullard and Dwight Rigby.

Diana, we are being advised, was a direct hire from the OPM. Dat will hold ya!

It’s da People’s Time!

We report yinner decide!