Tommy Please Urge the Prime Minister to Independence Celebrations This Year


<<< Will the Prime Minister attend Independence events this year? Hubert Ingraham on his cruise to Haiti in 2008.

Nassau, Bahamas — It was incredible indeed shocking to see the member for Mt Moriah, Tommy Turnquest, rise from his seat and caution members of the house to “PLEASE” come out and join in the Independence celebration.

One would think it is commonsense for MP to know if they are really patriotic, then they should come out on the day of Independence, show their national flag and mingle with the people.

However, you know, the Bahamas is a very different place since 1973. We have begun a dangerous trend of electing politicians who are NOT FOR US! We have gone as far are placing in the seat of the Prime Ministership an individual who is a KNOWN INFORMANT FOR A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT [AGENT #1622]. Who was ‘pimped-out’ to the Americans by Eileen Carron. They both have no shame!

You would remember how Hubert Ingraham the prime minister himself had failed to show up at the Independence celebration on many occasions. One year while the people was honouring the flag; Ingraham took a trip to Ladabee, Haiti possible to hail his now deceased spiritual advisor.

When Tommy made the announcement and urged members to “Please come out” we could only guess he was talking to the Prime Minister, for he has been “MOST NEGLECTFUL” and ‘HORRIFIBLY’ ABSENT at patriotic events.