MPs made a joke of Harold Williams attack in Florida in Parliament today…



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not issue a travel advisory to Bahamians travelling to the United States, nor is it classifying the recent incident of Harold Williams, who was stabbed in the face this past weekend in a Florida eatery as a hate crime.

Williams, a Bahamian citizen employed as a manager at Bahamasair in Grand Bahama, was viciously attacked while visiting a sandwich restaurant in Pembroke Pines to use the bathroom.

Williams told a Florida news station that he had no idea why he was attacked, and his attacker never said a word.

Yesterday, when asked if The Bahamas would issue a travel advisory to Bahamians travelling to the U.S. following the attack on Williams, Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield said, “Absolutely not, not at the moment.”

“How many moments do we know of where Bahamians have been attacked in this fashion which will warrant us sending a warning to Bahamians travelling to Florida,” Henfield asked reporters before heading to Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting.

The foreign affairs minister said the government will always act in the best interest of Bahamians when it comes to their security and the economy.

“If we feel that Bahamians are threatened in any country that they travel to, an advisory will come forward. In this instance, we don’t feel so,” he said.

Meanwhile the Minnis Regime made one big joke today in Parliament at Harold Williams. Imagine dat! They failed to respond days after the attack and then came to the Parliament to laugh over the attack on a Bahamian.

Don’t depend on this Wutless Government to protect OR defend Bahamians in the world. Remember they have gone on the world stage calling Bahamians CORRUPT!

We report yinner decide!