Mrs Ann Marie Davis joins prayer vigil for abused victim Carissa Culmer

Mrs Davis long with Minister Pia Glover-Rolle lights a candle for Culmer.

NASSAU| At prayer vigil for abused victim, Carissa Culmer alleged suicide brought the harsh reality of abuse to the fore.

Mrs. Ann Marie Davis left no stone unturned while she shone the brightest light on the many things that needed to be addressed and IT IS NOW TIME FOR ACTION.

She highlighted the first responders as the area where most work is needed including training.Her biggest concern was that confidentiality is key when victims go to make their reports.

Mrs. Davis emphasized that no woman should be made to go to a place that was insensitive to their plight. Therefore, the police’s new special unit for domestic abuse cannot and should not be attached to the CDU building, but at an independent location.

A new hotline with properly trained, sensitized personnel should be established to avoid the many unnecessary questions and busy signals.She made a clarion call to all female members of Parliament and women everywhere to combine their efforts to tackle this monster.

Mrs. Davis emphasized also that safe houses are not properly secured nor protected, neither is there any follow up.

Expansion of social service workers and volunteers are definitely needed. “We need all hands on deck” she said.

Pastors and friends of the victim attended the vigil. Hon. Lisa Rahming sent a message electronically. Also in attendance were Minister of Housing and Transport, Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis and Minister of State for the Public Service, Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle.