Murder #106 since 2009 in Fox Hill last night


zoepoundNassau, Bahamas — An alleged drug peddler and Haitian national better known as “Black” has become the Bahamas’ 106th murder victim since 2009 and the country’s 18th for the year.

Bahamas Press is reporting the alleged Zoe Pound gang member was shot eight times about the body at a known drug purchasing spot in the Fox Hill Community.

Black died on the scene behind a building adjacent to the Chinese Restaurant on Fox Hill Road. He died immediately following the shooting, which occurred around 7pm. Police deep throat to BP alleged the victim/gang member was in the area making an illegal transaction when a gunman opened fire on the victim.

Police say they are getting tough but the blood levels are rising by the day in the Bahamas.

Culture writer Lovy Jean writes, “Observers say that the Zoe Pound Gang as it is officially known was formed in 1992 in ‘Lil’ Haiti, Miami and has evolved into a very aggressive and well-organized group made up of Haitian nationals that have established themselves all over the world notably in South Florida and in the Bahamas. They identify themselves by wearing the Haitian flag, large jewelry with gangster like persons often in large groups, rarely alone.

“Nevertheless, many Haitians are quick to denounce and criticize the Zoe Pound for being a false representation of Haitian culture.”


  1. Lol@media and russel!

    Get on missy case. If she don’t know how to research stuff online she should slow her role on talkin ish.
    I’ve seen something called the urban dictionary that bases the bahamas
    As one of their ‘turfs’ along with little haiti in mayahhmee!
    Bottom line we have a problem with em so tell papa to FIX IT.

  2. @ Media you do realize that I put what I said in quotes don’t you? you used his statements which is why I said get your facts straight just because he said it doesn’t mean that it’s truth.

  3. @ Russell Johnson please forward to me the google link that shows that zoe pound is established in those countries you mentioned because I googled them and found no such thing. I found links for music videos on myspace and youtube and some other meaningless stuff. so plz direct me

  4. Am astounded that when you google Zoe pound the Bahamas and Florida are listed as the primary points for their existence.Radio show hosts talk about anything other than crime.No one remembers that a man was accosted in his home tied up along with his family,robbed then shot to death.Where is the outrage?All of these persons who just love to profile have left this case alone,why?Until we get together as a country to address this vexing problem its the same old same old.Does anyone recognise that the victim was shot eight times?THat sounds to me like an automatic weapon so those shots only took ABout two seconds to be discharged and striking the victim.These are serious times that require swift action by the Govt. and our society. 

  5. the whole country sucks. we live in a lawless island. everyday bahamians amaze me of how rude and cruel they are. i’ve spoken to countless touritss that have seen the true country and say they’ll never return. crime is one of the many problems. rude people and rude kids all over.

  6. We have our hands full already and we don’t need foreigners coming to this country starting up no gangs and creating more problems for us. If you are coming in this country to live try be productive.

  7. so Zoe Pound “has established themselves all over the world?” wow plz get your facts straight. name five countries where zoe pound is established.

    • We wish you would be honest missy and better understand BP never made such a claim. We being the responsible credible practitioners of truth quoted writer Lovy Jean and attributed those comments in quotes as coming from him NOT us. We forgive your error in this.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • Well my dear for your edification google zoe pound and get more information on this growing nemesis that has been around for 10 yrs now.Here are five countries where they operate:Costa Rica,Honduras,El Salvador,Dominican Republic, and France etc.Once you google then you would be in a better position to easily identify this nefarious gang.Dont be like others who come on this site and just criticise but have no information to give to the discussions.Whenever there is another Haitian flag day ensure that you go so that you can see the influence of the Zoe pound.Zoe means haitian and the pound represents the weight of drugs.

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