MagicAtCastawayCayAbaco, Bahamas — News leaking into special investigating bureau exposes a near maritime disaster for the Bahamas as Disney’s Cruise Ship, “MAGIC” comes only feets away from wrecking into a reef as the captain attempted to exit the harbour at CASTAWAY CAY ABACO formerly GORDA CAY on February 12th. This is just one of the many land give aways by HAI AKA ” PAPA”.

We are now learning that the “Magic” had a severe vibration from damages it sustained to its propeller and shaft during the thrust maneuvers by the captain.

Our deep-throats aboard the modern cruise liner informs us that the captain knew the weather conditions were worsening by the minute from a dopler radar aboard the ship and wanted to call the cruise passengers so the ship could leave early; however, he was encouraged to stay by the island manager an Austrian National.

BP is now learning that this maritime near tragedy was never even reported to the Port Authority which leaves us to wonder whether we are running a Banana Republic.



  1. Ya know somethin. Papa and his supporters have that same type mentality suk teeth has.
    They slack and enjoy it. Change is something that frightens them.
    They would have to then get of their lazy black u know what and DO SOMETHING about it.
    One would think that after that boating accident some yrs ago we would now be aware of the dangers.
    But that crippling slack lazy lawless frame of thought kicks in and they go rite back to the olkd ways.
    Same can be seen in everything that is government ran.
    Remember the seat belt laws? How long did that last?
    Shame on the marytime. Luckily for them this wasn’t another catastrophe to bring shame on this country.

  2. Thank God they didn’t wreck but this could have been alot worse… The Bahamas would have been roasted and deeply scrutinized by international Mari-Time agencies, and Nacy Grace the least to mention.I could hear her now with her stink mouth should this wreck have occurred.

  3. Suk-Teet, maybe you should look at the video in its entirety to see the horror… Two persons just lost their lives aboard a cruise liner in the meditarenean due to a decision of the captain to venture out from port in gail force winds.If you only know the amount of near maritime disasters we face in this country you would hold your breadth and demand better regulation…. Just this week the M/V Legacy owned by Deans Shipping lost over $300,000.00 in goods due to venturing out of port in bad weather… Typical Bahamian though “SUCK TEETH” re-active not pro-active… I agree with BP, we need change.

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